CBD Oil Strengths

What is the Best CBD Oil Strength?

You’re here because you’re trying to navigate CBD oil strength and dosing. The market for CBD oil is crowded and confusing, with lots of options to choose from and a wide range of concentrations and prices. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you find what you need for your health goals.

Choose full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil strengths.

What Are the Different Strengths Available?

Let’s start with CBD oil strength. The most common CBD oil strengths are between 250mg to 2000mg, although some brands go higher or lower. You’ll also see concentrations like “High Potency” (2500mg) and “Extra Strength” (3000mg).

Total Volume and CBD Oil Strength

Hemp extracts come in different size containers. They may come in a vial, 30ml bottle, or 10ml bottle. To figure out the amount of CBD per milliliter (mg/ml), first, you need to know the total volume and concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids in the product.

CBD oil strength varies by need.

Remember: CBD Oil Concentration /Total Volume= CBD Oil Strength in mg/ml

For example, a 1000 mg 30 ml bottle contains 33.3 mg of CBD per dropper.

Which Potency Should You Choose?

You can always start with a low dose. However, it’s not the most cost-effective option if you’re a regular consumer.

Low-Potency CBD Oil Strength (300 mg to 500 mg)

If you’re new to using CBD oils, this might be a good option for you. Brands always suggest starting with a small dose and working your way to a more significant amount.

Mid-Potency CBD Oil Strength (500 mg to 1000 mg)

This option is the most popular. It’s also more cost-effective because you’ll need less oil to experience the benefits.

High-Potency CBD Oil Strength (1000 mg to 2500 mg)

The high-potency hemp extract is the most concentrated. It’s best for consumers with regular CBD oil use. This strength is also the most cost-effective option and is ideal for people who use large doses to support a healthy sleep pattern or experience regular joint and muscle discomfort.

Extra Strength CBD (3000 mg +)

Concentrations of 3000mg or more are the most potent CBD products available on the market. It’s suitable for people who take several doses per day to manage anxious thoughts, sleeplessness, and aches and pains.

Why Should You Care About CBD Oil Strength?

CBD strength is important for wellness and cost.

Before we get into the effects of CBD oil, you should know that there isn’t a consensus on whether higher CBD concentrations will provide more benefits. However, some preliminary research suggests that it may be helpful for anxiety relief.

Keep in mind that the means of delivering CBD oil (smoking, vaping, sublingual) may affect how fast it takes to feel the effects.

What is the Right CBD Oil Strength for You?

The answer depends on your needs. Here are some things to consider:

Daily Dosage: If you’re using CBD oil regularly, it’s best to start with a mid-potency option. It’s the most cost-effective choice and also contains more CBD per milliliter.

Anxiety Reduction: For anxiousness, it’s best to start with a lower-potency option. When taking CBD oil orally, the effects will take longer to kick in compared to inhaling CBD vape juice or smoke. However, this doesn’t mean that high-potency products won’t work for you. It’ll just last you longer and save you money in the long term.

Sleeping Patterns: If your goal is to sleep better, start with 1000mg to 2000mg CBD oil. Remember, only take a high dose at night or before sleep—large servings can make you tired during the day.

Joint and Muscle Discomfort: Try a high-potency option for pain that doesn’t go away. This will provide relief faster than if you orally took a low potency product.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

There’s no one answer to this question. Some customers find it takes a few weeks to notice a significant difference. Others might experience a difference the first time they use it.

However, CBD oils take time to work. Instead of expecting immediate relief from your anxiety or sleeplessness, you need to give it a chance.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
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Does the Product Type Matter with CBD Strength?

Yes. Strength is vital for creams and edibles. The only difference is total weight instead of total volume, which is different for each product.

The higher the concentration in these items, the stronger the reaction. For CBD gummies and capsules, you’ll find it easier to know how much of the cannabinoid you’re getting with each dose because measurements with these products are precise and don’t require you to make measurements.

However, all ingestible hemp items take longer to work than CBD oil. Edibles go through the digestive system, where the tinctures (pure oils) absorb directly into the bloodstream through the membranes under the tongue.

It’s possible to believe the potency is lower with CBD gummies and capsules because of the delay (up to two hours) you can experience. But that’s not accurate. Both have the same strength and last four to six hours.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

There’s no set amount of CBD oil you should take. Some manufacturers recommend 1 to 3 mg per dose to start, but it varies depending on your condition. Many consumers take 30 mg to 60 mg daily without a problem. Over time, you’ll find what works best for you in terms of dosage and CBD oil strength.

Is CBD Safe to Take Daily?

Combining CBD Products
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Yes. CBD is one of the safest complementary medicines you can take. CBD oil comes from hemp, a plant with a history of wellness use going back thousands of years. However, you may need to speak with your doctor before taking CBD oil if you’re planning on using it for an extended period. They’ll go over your medications to ensure there are no interactions.

Now that you know all about CBD oil and its potential benefits, it’s time to buy American Hemp Oil. We offer a wide range of potencies and product types to suit your needs, and we make our products with organic hemp grown in the United States. With fast shipping and excellent customer service, we’re here to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

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