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Cannabigerolic Acid CBGA

What Is Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA)?

Cannabigerolic Acid which is abbreviated into CBGA is one of the minor cannabinoids that the cannabis plant produces. A cannabinoid is a compound that cannabis plants produce that then interacts with receptors in the body, which is called our endocannabinoid system.

CBGA performs a protective role for cannabis and is produced in the trichomes of the plant. CBGA triggers plant-cell necrosis which is targeted which translates into a natural form of leaf pruning that provides a way for the cannabis plant to increase the amount of energy directed towards the flowers.

CBGA is explained as the foundation compound in the cannabis flowers. CBGA is often called the “granddaddy” of the cannabinoids because it is in the top position of a cascading reaction that will produce the 3 primary cannabinoid lines. These include:

  • THCA stands for Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid
  • CBCA stands for Cannabichromenic Acid
  • CBDA stands for Cannabidiolic Acid

These then become THC, CBD, or CBC. CBGA might convert to CBG, yet in most of the strains, CBGA will eventually convert into CBD or THC.

CBGA is a chemical precursor of CBCA, CBDA, and THCA. Enzymes in cannabis convert CBGA into either CBDA or THCA, which is often decarboxylated by heat or light energy to create CBD or THC.

How Was CBGA Discovered?

Scientists and researchers have all known about cannabigerol (CBG) for more than five decades. The first researchers to isolate CBD (cannabinoid) were from Israel, and around 30 years later, researchers in Japan, were among the first to discover and reveal that CBGA was, in fact, its precursor. Even though CBGA is already backed by a long history, at this stage, not much research or studies have been conducted.

The majority of the research on CBGA has revolved around sustainable production associated with THCA for research and pharmaceutical uses. This particular research has studied the mechanisms involved in converting CBGA into THCA.

Scientists have demonstrated the consistent method of replicating cannabinoids in a yeast species called Pichia Pastoris, which is a type that is used widely for recombinant DNA protein. Some of the research teams have gone as far as conducting computational modeling in order to maximize and optimize production.

CBGA is not found in a noticeable amount in the final Hemp Extracts. This is why it does not have as many effects linked with it. Since CBGA turns into CBG through Decarboxylation (activation), it is common to link the benefits of CBG when explaining what CBGA does.

CBGA – Potential Benefits

Here is a list of some of the potential health benefits linked with CBGA:

Cardiovascular Disease

CBGA might help people with diabetes combat a few of the comorbidities and complications of this disease such as cardiovascular disease. CBGA has been examined in vitro where it was found that it significantly inhibits the enzyme known as aldose reductase, which is one of the main contributors associated with oxidative stress which often results in heart problems along with other serious diseases. As was expected, results from these CBGA tests happened to be significantly dose-dependent. The synthetic-based inhibitor drugs have a number of adverse effects on many patients, this is why a CBGA plant-derived medication could become a very promising prospect.

Colon Cancer

CBGA, may in the future prove to be vital for the patients that have been diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer, which is currently the 3rd most common of the cancers and the 4th leading-cause of deaths that are cancer-related. Scientists have examined the cytotoxic effects related to CBGA extracted directly from cannabis. They discovered that CBGA not only killed the cancer cells in the colon but also increased early “cancer cell death”, and stopped the cycle of cancer cells. While there is definitely a lot more research that is needed, many scientists and researchers are starting to feel confident that CBGA might effectively target cancer cells in the colon, but might also be effective to prevent the proliferation and growth of polyps. When left untreated, many polyps will grow and proliferate into carcinomas.

Metabolic Disorders

A team of researchers has also discovered that CBGA might help people that suffer from a range of metabolic disorders. In the year 2019, in a silicon study, which involved computer simulation, CBGA was examined for its role and part in activating something known as PPARs (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors) that perform the role of regulating the metabolism. When the PPARs are not functioning properly, many people will develop diseases such as increased levels of triglycerides or high cholesterol, or diabetes. This particular study revealed that CBGA activated the PPAR receptors, which stimulates lipid metabolism. This assists in lowering excessive lipid accumulation. This study, however, still needs to be conducted in both human and animal trials.

The research is still lacking associated with any aspect of CBGA consumption. While there are a few anecdotal reports that have discussed juicing or ingesting CBGA from hemp, it is still always highly recommended to first consult with a qualified health professional, before experimenting with CBGA. It is also important to only purchase CBD and cannabis products from a reputable and well-known source.

Products Rich In CBGA

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are using a product that contains this “Mother Cannabinoid” is to find products that have been created using the “whole-plant”. More specifically, these are the product types that are known as Full Spectrum as they contain every naturally occurring compound in Hemp. When obtaining CBGA in this way, it will create an effect called the “Entourage Effect”. This “Entourage Effect” enhances and optimizes the overall potency of Hemp Extract for each of the compounds that are present in it. This ultimately means that products that contain all the cannabinoids will be far more potent than the products that only contain one or two.