750mg CBD Hemp Capsules

750mg CBD Capsules


  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% organic Hemp from Colorado
  • Formulated with Hemp Terpenes
  • Each capsule bottle comes with 25mg per serving (30 Days)
  • Lab-tested for safety, purity, and potency

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750mg CBD capsules contain 25MG of CBD per serving. Capsules are a familiar, discreet way to take your daily serving of CBD. Because most of us are familiar with taking our vitamins, capsules are an excellent option for those who are new to CBD supplements. Made with 100% American grown hemp, our products contain only hemp-derived CBD, hemp terpenes, and organic MCT oil (from Coconuts). This results in the highest quality products available. Mixing CBD with MCT oil keeps the body from degrading the CBD while moving through your digestive system. MCT Oil acts as a carrier through that process, which allows better absorption of the CBD into your bloodstream.

Grown and manufactured to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, this 750MG CBD Capsule is vegan-friendly and all-natural. It contains no solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals. We have the test results to prove it!

Our 750MG CBD capsules offer an easy way to add CBD into your daily routine. Take an easy to swallow capsule with your favorite beverage any time, day or night. The 750MG bottle delivers about 25MG of CBD per serving. Each container of American Hemp Oil’s capsules has about a month’s supply.

Our CBD formulas contain no THC. Everything we sell is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure we comply with all industry regulations and the highest production standards.

Each bottle of our 750mg CBD Capsules contain three natural ingredients:

  • Cannabidiol Hemp Extract
  • Full Hemp Terpene Blend
  • MCT Oil from coconut oil


Download the lab datasheet here.

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62 reviews for 750mg CBD Capsules

  1. Patsy Flebbe

    I always take these capsules after a long stressful day and they seem to do the job. I don’t know what I would do without this product.

  2. Danielle Crosslin

    I can throw these beauties in my bag and take them whenever I need them.They have been so helpful whenever I have bad or negative moods. 

  3. Jessi Holiman

    I live in Canada and my order didn’t even take 3 days before it arrived. I have taken two capsules so far and the feeling is just amazing.

  4. Kristen Doe

    Capsules are definitely the easiest and perfect way to get some CBD into your body system. At least, I don’t have to struggle with tinctures. Highly recommend!

  5. Timothy Drakes

    I was referred to this website by my friend and the customer service and the capsules have been so good. I can’t imagine shopping on another website as long as you guys are in the business.

  6. Piper Hollerud

    I will always have these capsules next to my bed. I am pretty sure I won’t forget taking the pills like I do with tinctures. The ordering process was quite smooth as well.

  7. Ella Morris

    I was a loyal customer of my local CBD store until I bought capsules that were sticking together. This is my first order and the capsules are high-quality. I hope you guys are consistent.

  8. Margret Martabano

    I feel like I live under a rock coz I have never heard of these capsules before. I thought that the only way to consume CBD was by vaping or using tinctures. These capsules will come in handy whenever I head out.

  9. Darby Schader

    I bought the 750mg capsules at a discount and I am so happy that they are working for me. I will consider buying the 1500mg package next time

  10. Helen Darby

    I bought these pills for my son and he just called me a few hours ago to let me know that she was overwhelmed by the product. I will be ordering more for her as soon as she finishes her 750mg package.

  11. Delfina Bahena

    These gel capsules have become part of my regimen. They have really helped me stay focussed and happy during work. I am going to purchase the bigger container as soon as I am done with the first one.

  12. Jane Stevens

    I prefer the 750MG package because I normally take one pill a day. In case I need more CBD in my body I will switch to the 1500MG package.

  13. Kimberly Knox

    This product is so convenient especially because I am always rushing to go to work. At least, I am still able to find time to take my capsules. Besides, measuring how much CBD oil I need to take is just not my cup of tea.

  14. Jose Cooper

    Whenever I take CBD oil I miss a few drops cause I forget a lot. This has not been the case ever since I started taking capsules. I can even pop one when I am driving. 

  15. Tiffanie Wierman

    Taking CBD tinctures has been so difficult for me because I can’t seem to hack it with the dropper. At least, I don;t have to worry about that anymore when I can easily swallow one capsule a day.

  16. Rusty Bollens

    The capsules are incredible. Moreover, The help I received from Jack on the live chat was excellent. I am so happy with the customer service. 

  17. Garland Courchine

    It is so clear that AHO is not after the money but our well-being. I have never come across a company that takes care of their customers in the manner AHO does. I am definitely coming back for more gel capsules.

  18. Danny Taffer

    Oh My Word! These capsules are the best thing that happened to me. I no longer have to struggle with tinctures that taste so bad. The capsules are so convenient and they don’t take too much space in my handbag.

  19. Jo Smith

    I am really wowed by your customer service. You guys have been super helpful during the ordering process. I am going to start my dose tomorrow and I can’t wait to share my experience.

  20. Oscar Iatarola

    I always purchase these capsules in bulk because everyone in my household uses CBD. The delivery is always on point!

  21. Wade Page

    Thank you AHO for these amazing products. Ever since I bought them, I have never forgotten to take my dose when going to work. The pills are so convenient!

  22. Annie Harris

    You guys are the best in the business. I have been having trouble with counterfeit and substandard products until I tried your capsules. I am really enjoying my day after taking my morning dose. Thanks so much!

  23. Darryl Piatt

    My wife has tried 3 different brands of soft gel capsules and none has worked as well as American Hemp Oils. I will be ordering on her behalf until she understands how to navigate your website.

  24. Marc Neary

    I tried American Hemp Oil capsules and I have been amazed by how fast they work. Thanks Jackson for suggesting the idea of capsules. I am glad I didn’t have to try so many brands before settling for this one.

  25. Jim Thibodeau

    The capsules seem to take longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream.but they are working the same way as the CBD oils. Of course the capsules are better than the oils in terms of convenience and ease of use.

  26. Samual Ferratt

    I did a lot of research on CBD and I was finally able to settle for these pills by AHO. I also noticed that these guys are so popular and customers love their products.

  27. Richard Johnson

    I have tried capsules from different CBD brands and I didn’t experience any positive effects. I just popped two pills yesterday and I was so happy with my experience. 

  28. John Fleck

    I purchased these CBD capsules for my aging mother because she had a difficult time taking oils. She says that the capsules are easy to swallow and work pretty well than hemp oil

  29. Margaret Eaves

    I always felt intimidated by the tinctures and I have never felt comfortable using them. Having these capsules feels good because they are so convenient.

  30. Florene Tetreault

    I always find myself making a mess whenever I am trying to scoop my oil with a dropper. At least the capsules are taking the hassle and mess out of the equation.

  31. Danielle Crosslin

    I honestly don’t fancy taking sublinguals because of the earthy taste tinctures have. Pills are so convenient because I can pop some when at work or travelling. At leastI don’t have to worry about my workmates finding out what I am taking. 

  32. Jeff Standifer

    I am not a big fan of capsules but I had to order these because the oil was leaving a weird taste in my mouth. The results are incredible and I am open to ordering more capsules.

  33. Minh Lyndaker

    My wife and I have been taking CBD for 6 months now and we have not come across a product that is as effective as these capsules. We won’t be buying more oil from now henceforth.

  34. Sherie Hurwitz

    My husband has been taking these capsules for the past five days and he is improving so much. Today he was able to take a walk alone and I am suspecting that the capsules are working for him.

  35. Angela Lee

    These pills are great for anyone who does not want the raw taste of CBD oil. They will mask the taste and they are far much easier to take. I am never returning to the tinctures!

  36. Robert Dungan

    I have always been struggling with CBD capsules but I am fortunate to have found these capsules by AHO. They are so smooth and easy to swallow. Other brands have large capsules that get stuck around the throat when swallowing.

  37. Sixta Pryzgoda

    I have been dealing with American Hemp Oil for 4 months now and I have no complaints about their products. This is a reputable company and I would highly recommend it.

  38. James Millington

    The shipping is fast and I am happy that my product arrived in good condition. I have been ordering the oil and I felt that it was good to try capsules because they have a pre-measured amount of CBD.

  39. Joshua Rasmus

    These capsules are so easy to swallow. I have had problems with other companies because their capsules are so big thus making it hard to swallow. 

  40. Nancy Sheppard

    I was almost giving up on CBD until my nephew suggested these capsules to me. I am so thankful that I tried them. Will be coming back for the 1500MG bottle.

  41. Serina Egbe

    I have been using CBD oil for the past 2 months and I was not ready to buy more because of the taste. Fortunately, my friend suggested thatI switch to capsules and I am glad I did.

  42. Robin Miller

    These beauties have made it easier to consume CBD when I am travelling. I no longer have to make space in my bag to carry a bottle of oil.

  43. Wade Page

    I am a secretive person and I love taking my CBD in a way that nobody will notice and start asking questions. These pills have definitely helped keep my love for CBD oil a secret

  44. Rudolph Offley

    I was not having the best results with 10mg capsules and I had to switch to the 25mg. Let me say that these capsules are working as expected even though I had to build tolerance first. I would recommend these gel capsules to everyone who is looking for a convenient way to take CBD oil.

  45. Jeannie Croy

    My wife told me to order some CBD capsules for her and my friend asked me to purchase from you guys. I am happy to report that my wife likes them.

  46. Tenisha Pagano

    Although this  brand is more expensive than most of the companies selling on Amazon, I can say that the quality is great. I better part with the extra amount and get a good product in return.

  47. Antonio Robertson

    I have been looking for supplements that will add some quality to my life and I am glad that I found these CBD capsules. They have been doing wonders in my life and I feel so rejuvenated.

  48. John Myers

    Wow! I really love these pills. They have saved me from troubles of fambling with a dropper. Besides, I don’t have to carry a large bottle of oil whenever I am going to work.

  49. Dominick Macknair

    These gel capsules are so convenient for me. They go down so easily and the texture is so smooth. I will never use sublinguals when I have these capsuled to my disposal.

  50. Wm Bichrest

    These capsules are great for daily use. I take one capsule in the morning before leaving for work. I am really loving the convenience that comes with taking capsules. 

  51. Arlinda Nauyen

    The product came undamaged and I was so happy with the fast delivery. I am yet to try it out, so I don’t have much to say about the capsules.

  52. Kasey Kalinski

    The capsules are so small that one can swallow without water. I will be ordering more before the month ends.

  53. John Myers

    I am not a fan of sublinguals and I am so happy that I found these capsules. At least I can take CBD oil without having to taste it. Simply Amazing!

  54. Alaine Thorp

    I have been using gummies but I am slowly leaning towards the capsules. The capsules are so easy to take and I am so done with sugary stuff. 

  55. Omar Kulhanek

    This is a great purchase. I liked hw your customer service agents are polite and helpful. I have shopped for CBD products from other companies and their staff were so rude. I will be shopping at AHO from now on.

  56. Angela Lee

    The capsules are NICE & DISCREET.

  57. Randal Okerlund

    I got a total of 30 capsules and they lasted me the whole month. I guess I will order in bulk so that I avoid the stress of buying every month. The capsules are so helpful because I have been taking them before I go to sleep.

  58. Jose Cooper

    Capsules are so convenient for me when I am at work or away from home. They are so easy to carry and use. I just need to carry some water so that I swallow them after having my lunch.

  59. Brittanie Galashaw

    The package arrived in good shape and the delivery time was fast. At least the capsules were not stuck together. I will start my dosage at the start of the month so that it is easy for me to keep track.

  60. Ben Bernon

    I can’t recall the last time I had a positive experience after consuming CBD. I am so happy with how calm and relaxed these pills have made me. I am definitely recommending this product to my workmate.

  61. Aurelio Digiambattist

    These capsules are super great! I was a little hastened about ordering them but my boyfriend convinced me to give them a shot. The product works so well and it has played a huge role in my wellness and balance.

  62. Keesha Deguzman

    I have been using capsules for six months and I prefer them because they are a time saver. Finding the right ones has been so difficult but I am glad I found American Hemp Oil’s capsules. 

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