600mg CBD Hemp Pet Formula

600mg CBD Oil For Pets


  • Non-GMO
  • 100% organic Hemp from Colorado
  • Formulated with Hemp Terpenes
  • Each Tincture comes with 20mg per serving (30 Days)
  • Lab tested for safety, purity, and potency
  • Each bottle comes with an oral calibrated dropper

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600mg CBD Oil for Pets contains 20MG of CBD in each serving. This oil is bacon-flavored and designed for dogs and cats.  Your prized pet will love the bacon taste of this high-strength CBD Oil. Like all of our products, our pet oil is made with 100% American grown hemp. Our products contain only hemp-derived CBD, hemp terpenes, bacon flavor, and organic hemp seed oil. (Some animals don’t react well to the MCT oil.) This results in the highest quality oil available for your pet. Additionally, we hold our CBD pet products to the same high-quality standards as all of our products.

Grown and manufactured to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, this 600MG CBD Oil for Pets is also THC free and all-natural. It contains no solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals. We have the test results to prove it!

Our 600MG CBD oil for pets offers you an easy way to add CBD into your pet’s daily routine. Use the precalibrated dropper for the perfect measurement every time. Our dropper delivers about 20MG of CBD per serving and can be administered orally or add directly to your pet’s food or treats. Each 30ml bottle of American Hemp Oil’s 600MG CBD Oil for Pets contains around a month’s supply.

Our CBD formulas contain no THC. Everything we sell is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure we comply with all industry regulations and the highest production standards.

Each bottle of our 600MG CBD Oil for Pets contains these natural ingredients:

  • Cannabidiol Hemp Extract
  • Full Hemp Terpene Blend
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Bacon Flavoring


Download the lab datasheet HERE.

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69 reviews for 600mg CBD Oil For Pets

  1. Charity Kounkel

    OMG! How do I get my cat to like this pet oil? He won’t take it even if I mix it into his food. I am not buying this product again. 

  2. Alla Bednorz

    I started using this pet oil five months ago after I tried 2 other brands with no success. My golden retriever is getting older and her age comes with all the normal issues. Fortunately, she is becoming more active and cheerful nowadays and I think this oil has something to do with it. 

  3. Amos Attianese

    My dog has been taking unflavored oil and I figured out that he needs to try something special. I am glad that my search led me here. My dog is really pleased with the bacon flavor. 

  4. Danial Calmes

    I purchased this pet oil for my old dog. He has been having low moods and I decided that he should try out something that will get him going throughout the day. I am so happy that it is easy to use and my dog likes it very much.

  5. Steve Wig

    I decided to give Cananine oil to our older beagle, who, without warning, would suddenly charge and growl at people during our daily walk. It has been 5 days now and our walks are enjoyable.

  6. Sheree Okerlund

    After scouring the internet for days, I finally settled for this oil because it was the only pet oil I could trust. I definitely don’t want to gamble with my dog’s well-being. 

  7. Morton Gervais

    My vet advised me to get a full-spectrum CBD oil for my dog and I decided that I was buying the oil from AHO because they have never disappointed me when it comes to CBD products. They are my go-to sellers when it comes to matters CBD.

  8. Gema Fido

    This product is legit and it does not cause any side effects. I will be ordering two more bottles of pet oil soon.

  9. Bryon Checketts

    I encountered a lot of trouble when trying to pay for my order but the customer support came to my rescue. You guys are heaven-sent. I will be ordering more pet oil soon. 

  10. Robert Dungan

    I would like to thank you guys for this product. I can’t believe that my cat is getting so much value from this amazing oil. Five stars! 

  11. Rebecca Williams

    This is superb! I am from Canada and AHO has proven itself to be reliable. My order arrived so fast! 

  12. John Montoya

    I bought this oil purely because of the reviews and I am so pleased that my puppy is enjoying it. Won’t be shopping from my local pet store anymore. 

  13. Carlie Towlerton

    I just started giving my dog this oil 2 weeks ago and I can notice the effects kicking in. I will order another bottle and put this product on automatic shipment. Will be a loyal customer.

  14. Lawerence Rolley

    American Hemp Oil is the best company in the CBD industry right now. I am a regular user of their products and I had to get some too for my canine friend. 

  15. Robin Miller

    This is the product I have been looking for all these months. My dog will no longer have to take unflavored CBD oil. You guys are doing a good job. KEEP IT UP! 

  16. Moshe Unterkofler

    I am impressed that my favourite brand of CBD has a product for pets too. My dog will definitely love it! 

  17. Vernie Fyke

    I hope you guys had more flavors to choose from. My dog loves trying out different things. All in all the quality of the oil is A1. 

  18. Vi Crowe

    This product is pretty good but I think my canine prefers CBD treats to the actual oil. 

  19. Guillermo Deroy

    We have tried several brands. This one is the one we will stick with. My 7 1/2 year old westie is doing so much better. He is really enjoying the taste as well.

  20. Kristen Doe

    This oil has completely surpassed my expectations. My pet is having major improvements and he is back to his playful character. What a win! 

  21. Bradly Titus

    My German Shepherd really loves this oil because of the bacon flavor. I doubt he would like it if it was the natural flavor. 

  22. Amelia Sorge

    I am glad American Hemp Oil has a special for pets too. I wasn’t sure if my dog would like it but I am glad he did! Looks like everyone in my house will become a CBD oil user. ??

  23. Alton Roma

    This stuff works great for my dog. I have noticed that he has been so happy ever since he started taking the oil. 

  24. Zack Sulejmanovski

    My dog really likes the bacon flavor and he enjoys it when I add It to his food or treats! You guys nailed it with the bacon flavor. 

  25. Evelynn Okolo

    After doing my extensive research, I made up my mind to try the pet oil from AHO and my cat is loving it. He does not give me problems when administering her dose

  26. Hilton Rolack

    I have been giving my puppy 5mg twice a day and I am seeing huge improvements already. Long live American Hemp Oil ?????

  27. Erasmo Perrish

    I decided to try this oil for my 2 crazy dogs and ordered this AHO website. It is priced very well and shipped quickly. I had been using another product from my local pet store but this one works much better.

  28. Kurtis Lamas

    So far so good – happy to be doing something nice for my cat and this sounded like a great product. I was guided to this site and I am happy to see customers praising your product. 

  29. Richard Farrah

    Great product for my Bulldog Terrier! He is loving every single drop of this oil and most importantly, it has helped him stay active during the day. 

  30. Ray Tine

    My dog likes bacon very much and I think he is loving the oil too because of the flavor. Whenever I put a few drops into his food, he eats it so fast and demands to have more. 

  31. Jeanmarie Pruskowski

    I started with the Lower dosage slowly with the first bottle and I am now giving my dog 10mg  which is right for her weight. She had no vomiting or stomach issues. Very Pleased with the product.

  32. Andy Faix

    I love the fact that I can use this oil on my 3 months chihuahua without any problems whatsoever. 

  33. Shoshana Demorest

    AHO is a really good brand because they are able to manufacture high quality pet oil. I will never order anywhere else except here. 

  34. Lawanda Hochfelder

    This product uses natural ingredients to which is a plus for my dog. At least, I won’t have to worry about my dog consuming chemicals. 

  35. Charlette Campione

    Bruno is totally in love with the taste of the oil. He doesn’t mind if I add a few drops in his food. I will be ordering more from you guys. 

  36. Todd Ordner

    I have no doubt that this oil has improved the overall well-being of my dog. My dog is happier than ever, thanks to your awesome CBD oil for pets. 

  37. Althea Stallard

    I found myself here after my friend praised your CBD products. I am happy with the fast shipping and awesome customer care. I will update my review as soon as I get to see how my dog reacts to the oil. 

  38. Marcelino Traviss

    I have always been reluctant about introducing my dog to pet oil until I stumbled upon your products. I am glad that your products are legit and affordable at the same time. 

  39. Billy Lee

    I had to wait for a whole week for my package to get to me but it was worth the wait. My puppy will be starting his regimen today and I will be updating his progress. 

  40. Robert Bodily

    My cat has been consuming 5mg everyday and I am thinking of increasing his dose until he starts responding to the oil. I am confident that the oil will work eventually. 

  41. Vernita Quinby

    I have been using this oil on my rottweiler and I must say he likes it very much. I always add a few drops to his food and some of his treats. Thanks so much! 

  42. Don Feraco

    I have tried CBD oil from other companies but my dog is not having it. I decided to try your pet oil last week and I am so happy that Rex is now able to consume the oil. I don’t know what your oil has that others don’t. Thanks a bunch AHO. 

  43. Marco Dossett

    Keep up the good work AHO! I hope you guys will surprise us with a new flavor too coz I would like my pet to try something new. 

  44. Elmo Stell

    My cat seems to be handling the CBD oil pretty well but I think he would have liked a chicken-flavored oil instead of bacon. All in all, he is liking it and that’s a good start for me.

  45. Elease Rafferty

    The good thing about this oil is the fact that it comes with clear instructions. At least, it is easy to administer the oil to my pet. 

  46. Nola Mazzocco

    I can’t say enough positive things about it. The only disadvantage is the small dropper. I guess age is finally catching up since it is getting tough for my eyes to count out drops.

  47. Arline Collins

    Recommended by my dog walker. 

  48. Charity Perkinson

    My little cat is fond of bacon and he is very excited about his new CBD oil. He has no problem with the taste. I am yet to see his progress but the poor thing just started taking it two days ago. 

  49. Raleigh Mcgann

    I swear, my cat likes this oil so much. He gets so excited when I pull the bottle out and does anything to get a few drops. This oil is super healthy too and contains natural ingredients. Good product.

  50. Beverly Freshour

    This is the perfect CBD oil for pets. My cat and dogs have been taking it every morning and they are always happy. 

  51. Mary Boblak

    This is the BEST CBD OIL FOR DOGS. My two Rottweilers have been taking this product for two months now and I must say that it works like a charm. Highly recommend!

  52. Fallon Alston

    My little pet is always looking to consume his oil every morning before we head out for a walk. 

  53. Dorine Richmeier

    My dog really likes this oil. Highly recommend!

  54. Keesha Deguzman

    I can tell from the way my cat licks this oil that it tastes heavenly. 

  55. Laurena Hiester

    My dog and I have always used this brand and I have no reason to change my vendor. Their products are the best in the market. 

  56. Robert Cotsis

    It is quite difficult to maintain the health of large breeds and that is why I opted to include this oil in my Doberman’s diet. He is definitely looking happy and healthy. 

  57. Florence Friley

    I have recommended this awesome oil to some of my friends and there has been no complaints at all. 

  58. Bertram Wythe

    The customer care is incredible, they are always happy to help you when stuck with the ordering and selection process. 5 stars is the least I can rate your company. 

  59. Edwardo Salvino

    Hesky has been taking this for several weeks now and she easily licks the oil from the palm of my hand. She likes the bacon flavor for sure.

  60. Randee Cabotaje

    Been giving this pet oil  on and off for my 8 year old German Shepherd male for about 5 months now. I normally give him 2 drops of the 600 mg CBD oil daily in her food at lunch time. She is feeling good as she goes out in the yard and does doggie angels in the snow. Would recommend it to every dog owner.

  61. Coral Holiman

    I have been using this product for about 4 months. Rocky just turned 3. Rocky is a sweet dog, and I want to give him every positive chance to be a healthy “old” dog/

  62. Victoria Mangrum

    I ordered this oil on 1st March and it arrived on the 3rd of March. That is some fast delivery right there! 

  63. Bari Saleeby

    My dog is not a fan of CBD oil and I was really astonished that it agreed to take the oil. I guess the flavor is so good that my dog can’t resist. 

  64. Tai Kostyk

    The packaging of the oil is nice and I was happy to receive the oil after 24 hours of placing my order. That was super fast! 

  65. Lonnie Demiel

    I’m so elated that I decided to try this and will be continuing to use this product for as long as my dog is around. 

  66. Everette From

    I tried this oil with my husky and it is pretty clear that he loves the flavor. He is always wagging his tail whenever I am administering the oil to her! 

  67. Roxanne Hobart

    My boxer girl was diagnosed with epilepsy and had bad seizures every 2 to 3 days a year and a half ago. The medicine alone from the vet didn’t stop them and they kept increasing her dosage. I started her on the CBD oil from here at American Hemp Oil a year and a half ago and she is now taking the lowest dosage of her medicine with the oil and her seizures stopped. I will only buy this quality CBD oil from here. They have given my little girl a new leash on life. Thank you American Hemp Oil

  68. Christina (verified owner)

    Works well to calm down my senior pug at night. Quick service!

  69. Brittany S. (verified owner)

    Cannot believe the difference in my dog’s arthritis and old wounds from a surgery. Her limping practically disappears and she’s ready to play ball again. So, so happy I found this oil!

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