500mg CBD Hemp Oil - Natural

500mg CBD Oil


  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% organic Hemp from Colorado
  • Formulated with Hemp Terpenes
  • Each Tincture comes with 16mg per serving (30 Days)
  • Lab-tested for safety, purity, and potency
  • Each bottle comes with an oral calibrated dropper

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500MG CBD Oil is our best-selling hemp oil. Our Isolate line is virtually odorless and tasteless, making it the perfect product for both new and experienced users. Made with 100% American grown hemp, our products contain only hemp-derived CBD, hemp terpenes, and organic MCT oil (from Coconuts). This results in the highest quality oils available. Mixing CBD with MCT oil keeps the body from degrading the CBD while moving through your digestive system. MCT Oil acts as a carrier through that process, that allows better absorption of the CBD into your bloodstream.

Grown and manufactured to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, this 500MG CBD Oil is vegan-friendly and all-natural. It contains no solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals. We have the test results to prove it!

Our 500mg CBD oil offers you an easy way to add CBD into your daily routine. Use the precalibrated dropper for the perfect measurement every time. The 500MG bottle delivers about 17MG of CBD per serving and can be taken directly, or mixed into foods and beverages, such as salads or smoothies. Each 30ml bottle of American Hemp Oil’s 500MG CBD tincture contains around a month’s supply.

Our CBD formulas contain no THC. Everything we sell is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure we comply with all industry regulations and the highest production standards.

Each bottle of our 500MG CBD Oil contains three natural ingredients:

  • Cannabidiol Hemp Extract
  • Full Hemp Terpene Blend
  • MCT Oil from coconut oil


Download the lab datasheet here.


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83 reviews for 500mg CBD Oil

  1. Linh Legoullon

    Hi, I ordered my bottle of CBD oil a month ago and I am thrilled to notice how the oil is changing my life. This is definitely a good supplement for anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle.

  2. Delphine Dohrn

    I would highly recommend this oil to anyone looking to improve their day to day quality of life and overall health.

  3. Terry Akins

    This is my first time trying CBD oil and I was afraid that it might contain some THC. Fortunately, our company did a blood test on us and it turned out that no THC was detected. 

  4. Deanna Hillebrano

    My girlfriend is a big fan of your CBD products! She has never thought of trying oils from other companies

  5. Heather Cormack

    Just finished my first bottle and I think I will be ordering another one at the end of the week. I hope the quality of your CBD oil will keep improving.

  6. Hugo Moscoso

    My husband is pretty happy with the results, but he says that the taste is unpleasant. Of course, he has to take some sweet things to mask the earthy taste left in the mouth.

  7. Yasmine Phu

    This is a safe place to order your CBD oil. The products are tested and these guys deliver on time. 

  8. John Pickering

    Great product! Have ordered four times and I can’t complain about the cost, shipping, and product. I have been taking my CBD at night and I am really glad to have found your product.

  9. Erik Eggins

    For the first time in God knows how long I have come across an effective CBD oil. I will definitely stick with this vendor.

  10. Carlos Miller

    The quality is noticeably higher than other oils out there on the market. I am really happy with the oil I ordered

  11. Chester Maynor

    We have received the 500mg cbd oil and it is quality to say the least. This is our first trial and if everything works out we’ll upgrade to the 1000mg or 2500 mg CBD oil.

  12. Aileen Guidry

    I am yet to receive my new bottle with the increased dosage, but I am pretty confident that it will be just as fantastic as the first one. I appreciate you guys!

  13. Rosalva Beutel

    I have been using this oil 1-2 times a day for the past one  week and I feel great! Having just had a baby I have noticed a more restful sleep and better concentration during the day since I started taking the oil.

  14. Hazel Olalde

    I know I might sound weird to some people but I am impressed with the natural flavor of CBD oil in the raw. The earthy flavor is really good! I am sticking with the natural flavor until my last breath!

  15. Wilmer Randell

    Thank you so much, I’m really grateful. I’ve had 3 doses of your oil now and I really cannot believe the quality of it! The only problem I have is coping with the natural flavor. Are there any better flavors?

  16. Annabel Deluney

    The taste is not that bad. It was my first time trying CBD oil, but so far so good. I am still trying to find the perfect dosage as I am yet to experience any effects.

  17. Dorinda Murnane

    I never expected a miracle cure but I am happy with the results from using the oil so far. I have been using the oil at night, three drops under my tongue seems to do the trick.

  18. Caroll Monsees

    This company provides lab results- something that most companies don’t do. You guys are the best and keep up the good work!

  19. Alma Casey

    Finally stopped down here today. The customer care agent was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.  I can’t wait to try the product.

  20. Mirna Janik

    I have been using the natural flavor CBD oil and of late I decided to purchase it from a different company. Unfortunately, that didn’t go so well and I will have to stick to American Hemp Oil products.

  21. Moises Sovereign

    I bought this oil and tried it because they guarantee it. If I didn’t like I could return it, but I do like it and I plan on buying more of their CBD products.

  22. Noble Pagliuca

    My friend suggested that I try this product and I must say the effects of this oil are incredible. Will be buying a second bottle soon.

  23. Eugene Salsa

    At first I had my doubts with all the talks about CBD oil. It turns out that this oil is legit. Thanks AHO for making me believe that CBD oil works.

  24. Helen Darby

    I live in Florida and there are so many CBD shops that are coming up. Unfortunately, none of them has the quality American Hemp Oil has. I would rather wait for 2 days to get a legit product than waste my money on a substandard product.

  25. Colin Bjornstad

    I have been buying this oil since last year and I must admit the oil is awesome and would like to thank you for your nice customer service. Your company is one in a million.

  26. Clair Hilt

    I just ordered my oil today, so I haven’t received it yet but I am really impressed by how easy it is to navigate through your website. I hope the oil will be top quality too.

  27. William Weaver

    My first purchase from Blessed CBD has been extremely positive. Good quality CBD oil at a fair price and most of all I am noticing some very positive results already.

  28. Antonio Robertson

    3rd company I’ve tried and I feel that your CBD oil is levels ahead. Looking forward to my next purchase.

  29. Alisha Long

    Absolutely love this website and their products. Great staff and always very helpful. Also very satisfied with the CBD oil they are selling.

  30. Lester Harp

    I’ve recommended your product to my mates and now they’re your customers too. Thank you for making such a high-quality product.

  31. Antwan Rendler

    My favorite thing about this oil is the incredible TASTE! I prefer using the lemon flavor, but I decided to try out the mint and it is literally the best! Thank you so much for this flavor!

  32. Michael Jackson

    The CBD oil has a strong taste that took me some time to get used to. I thank God I was able to persist and now I am seeing a huge difference.

  33. Lacey Hurne

    I have been struggling with productivity for a long time now, but my friend advised me to try this oil if I want to get better. I can’t wait to update my results after the first month of use.

  34. Chad Roberti

    I have tried CBD oil from various vendors and none comes close to this oil by American Hemp Oil. I’ll definitely let my friends know about this product.

  35. Emmanuel Wilbanks

     I really like how earthy this tastes!

  36. Beata Covarrubia

    I have been using it twice a day for 3 weeks and I’ve noticed the quality of this oil is much better than others I have used. The effects are kicking in quite fast after sublingual administration .

  37. Keven Capen

    I am not a huge fan of buying supplements online but i am really glad that i ordered the 500mg CBD oil. Besides, the shipping and delivery was quite smooth. Highly Recommended!

  38. Jude Isaacson

    This is now my favorite CBD oil. Jackson was very helpful before I made my purchase and he spent a lot of time helping me out to find the ideal product.

  39. Margaret Eaves

    I have only been taking at night for three days and I already feel the benefits.

  40. Neomi Varela

    All I can is WOW, I have been spending my hard earned cash on low quality products. I Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realise how my previous vendor was conning me. 

  41. Rebecca Williams

    The Taste and the price are perfect! Will be back for more!

  42. Soraya Bulle

    Great product, love vanilla flavor.The ordering process was straightforward, very reasonable pricing and free shipping! Impressive company!

  43. Rosetta Furlow

    Great customer service. Also very knowledgeable about the products they sell and what will work best.

  44. Viki Harthcock

    I am happy to say that your 500mg CBD oil works well and it has better quality than some of the companies that sell their oils for higher prices. I will definitely be ordering from you soon.

  45. Mary Spicer

    I have never seen a company that cares about customers this much! You guys are awesome!

  46. Bonnie Ruiz

    Wow! This oil is really great! I am definitely referring some of my friends to AHO.

  47. Gerald Hansen

    Thank you so much guys for such a quality product! I will be sending more customers your way. 

  48. Florence Friley

    The company sent me the wrong concentration at first but they sent me the right one two days after I contacted their customer support! Thanks a bunch AHO!

  49. Donald Keown

    The service is quick and reliable with my product arriving the day after I ordered – would highly recommend ordering with American Hemp Oil.

  50. Carolyn Poland

    Thank you so much, I’m really grateful. I’ve had 3 doses of your oil now and I really cannot believe the taste and smell of it! First time I have taken CBD oil without gagging.

  51. Christian Cassette

    I have been taking the 500mg CBD oil for about a month now and it has definitely helped, not as much as I was hoping but I am willing to give it some more time.

  52. Marc Neary

    Fast Delivery! My shipment arrived in less than 48 hours which is pretty impressive! I can wait to start taking it!

  53. Carolin Kolarik

    This CBD oil is high quality and I was amazed that all their products are subjected to a 3rd party test to ensure everything is okay. 

  54. Alvin Canton

    Everything about this product is good, starting from the delivery, price and customer service. I just started taking the oil today and I can feel some changes already.

  55. Mark Mary

    I can’t believe that I am finally using CBD oil that actually works. I have tried products from Amazon and all of them are just pathetic. This CBD by American Hemp Oil is an absolute steal. 

  56. Renato Sleger

    I have been shopping for my oil at Hempura and of late everything seems to digress. It was just a matter of time until I found my new vendor. Very pleased with my first purchase.

  57. Krysten Pilkington

    My order is a bit late, but I am confident that it will get to me though 🙂

  58. Richard Johnson

    My name is Cohen and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I can’t understand how I have been living without this oil. My life is now going to be better from now henceforth.

  59. Nathanial Kvzian

    American Hemp Oil Is the only company I can buy my oil from. 

  60. Troy Baker

    I am from South Africa and it is usually difficult for me to predict when the product will arrive. There was a time it took two weeks but at least it finally arrived. I wish the delivery times would be much better.

  61. Ralph Lane

    The customer service is quite helpful because they guided me during the ordering process. At first I wasn’t sure of which Oil to go for and they helped me choose. 

  62. Roger Thompkins

    Honestly, I was worried the taste would be too bitter, but I am surprised by how mild it is. Great product American Hemp Oil… thanks so much for making a CBD oil that actually works. 

  63. Veronica Vieira

    This oil is much better than capsules. I had to cease taking pills because they were just not cutting it for me! I am glad to have changed.

  64. Romeo Mahdi

    I was a huge fan of CBD edibles but things have changed after trying this CBD Oil by AHO. The Oil works pretty fast unlike CBD edibles where I have to wait for at least one hours for the effects to kick in.

  65. Vincent Schlaffer

    I ordered this oil for my younger brother and it seems that his mood is improving day by day. Glad I found you guys!

  66. Mauricio Farinella

    I ordered this from the UK and I was surprised by how fast you guys shipped it! Good job!

  67. Patricia Hazelwood

    So elated I have been able to find the relief I expected from CBD. I love the 1 day shipping too. Good work American Hemp Oil, keep it up!

  68. Henry Evatt

    This is the best CBD oil  I have tried in the three years of use. The price is a bit high but I am more than willing to pay it coz the quality is impeccable to say the least. 

  69. Linda Laurel

    I can’t believe that 3 drops of this blissful oil keeps me happy and energetic the whole day. Next time I am ordering the 1000mg bottle.

  70. Marcus Stroupe

    I have been ordering my CBD from your company for over a year now.  Honestly, I’d never buy from any other website or vendor. Your service is great as are your products, and most importantly, they always arrive fast!

  71. Santiago Mcclurken

    It took a while to write a review,  but I just wanted to be sure the product worked as expected. Yes, it did. Tried different brands, but I have to admit this one is the best for my needs.

  72. Victoria Mangrum

    I’ve tried so many brands and different CBD compositions with little to no incredible results until I stumbled upon a post from American Hemp oil from Facebook. I hope you guys will be consistent.

  73. Michelle Rankin

    It takes a lot of hard work and resources to create such an incredible product. You guys are taking the industry to where it is supposed to be. Thank you AHO.

  74. Katie Espinosa

    I had a negative experience with American Hemp Oil but they owned up to their mistakes and agreed to re-ship my order. At least, I am happy with the customer service.

  75. Ivory Vint

    I encountered a few problems with the credit card form when I first tried to order. I got in touch with your representative and they were extremely helpful to me. That alone is a 5 star

  76. Mickey Carle

    Hello, I am a construction worker and  I have been using the 500mg CBD and I am impressed by its potency. I highly recommend trying this oil because it really does work! Many thanks

  77. Suellen Desgroseillie

    I have just received my package and I am so eager to get my first dose. I didn’t expect the oil to be delivered that fast. I will update my progress very soon! Cheers.

  78. Nancy Sheppard

    The taste is quite forgiving. Luckily,I don’t have to worry about carrying juices whenever and wherever I take CBD.

  79. Florence Friley

    It’s hard to find a good quality CBD oil that you can trust so I’m glad that I have you guys to rely on.

  80. Billy Lee

    This oil is a god-send! It is by far the best in terms of benefits, taste and price. I am convinced that my mother will also be impressed by this oil.

  81. Elizabeth Ali

    I’ve been very happy with my recent purchases! Delivery is fast, and service is great. Thank you!

  82. Gracie Crespin

    American Hemp Oil was recommended to me by my trainer  and I’m so glad he did as I will be doing the same to others.

  83. Hugo Kenner

    I really love this stuff! I just turned 30 and I have been using your oil for 2 years now. The quality has been outstanding so far.

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