1500mg CBD Hemp Capsules

1500mg CBD Capsules


  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% organic Hemp from Colorado
  • Formulated with Hemp Terpenes
  • Each capsule bottle comes with 50mg per serving (30 Days)
  • Lab-tested for safety, purity, and potency

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1500mg CBD capsules contain 50MG of CBD per serving. Capsules are a familiar, discreet way to take your daily serving of CBD. Because most of us are familiar with taking our vitamins, capsules are an excellent option for those who are new to CBD supplements. Made with 100% American grown hemp, our products contain only hemp-derived CBD, hemp terpenes, and organic MCT oil (from Coconuts). This results in the highest quality products available. Mixing CBD with MCT oil keeps the body from degrading the CBD while moving through your digestive system. MCT Oil acts as a carrier through that process, which allows better absorption of the CBD into your bloodstream.

Grown and manufactured to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, this 1500MG CBD Capsule is vegan-friendly and all-natural. It contains no solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals. We have the test results to prove it!

Our 1500MG CBD capsules offer an easy way to add CBD into your daily routine. Take an easy to swallow capsule with your favorite beverage any time, day or night. The 1500MG bottle delivers about 50MG of CBD per serving. Each container of American Hemp Oil’s capsules has about a month’s supply.

Our CBD formulas contain no THC. Everything we sell is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure we comply with all industry regulations and the highest production standards.

Each bottle of our 1500mg CBD Capsules contain three natural ingredients:

  • Cannabidiol Hemp Extract
  • Full Hemp Terpene Blend
  • MCT Oil from coconut oil

Download the lab datasheet here.

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54 reviews for 1500mg CBD Capsules

  1. Emanuel Rangitsch

    It took one week to get the product but I think it is because of geographical factors. Apart from that, I am happy the product arrived intact and the capsules were in good condition too.

  2. Meghan Pluviose

     I have been taking these capsules along with my CBD topicals and I must admit  they are so effective for my post workout recovery. I will be ordering more next time.

  3. Dwain Morelen

    My mom has been suffering from restless legs.When I started purchasing this product for her,she felt relieved with no side effects.

  4. Kip Tissot

    There has been a craze about gel capsules and I decided to join the banned wagon. I am so happy to try the capsules because I will not be using CBD anymore.

  5. Emilio Britain

    Not all companies provide the kind of service AHO provides. I have interacted with the staff of various online companies and none comes close to this vendor. Highly recommend.

  6. Cora Fageraes

    I am used to waiting for up to five days for my package to arrive, so i was a bit confused when the delivery man knocked at my door two days after placing the order.

  7. Dorsey Portales

    I was not sure whether the capsules would do the job but I took my chances, and the results are amazing. After 2 weeks of consistent use, I noticed huge improvements in my overall mood. 

  8. Alex Gilson

    I have been a long time CBD user and I have never come across such a good product. The capsules come in a good shape and they always look fresh unlike some companies that ship sticky capsules.

  9. Buford Kozee

    As much as the quality of this product is okay, I was so impressed by how the customer service is so helpful. I have never come across such kind support staff in my life.

  10. Claudio Malstrom

    I decided to go with American Hemp Oil capsules because of the positive feedback from other users. I am taking two caps a day and I am noting some improvements.

  11. Eusebia Harges

    I really loved how simple the AHO website is. It only took me three minutes at most to place my order. The shipping is also fast and my package arrived undamaged.

  12. Micki Riculfy

    I was so happy to receive a package intact with no damage when i purchased these soft gels online. I live in a hot place and was surprised to receive the capsules with no smell or melt out.

  13. Rima Hader

    The reason I love these capsules is because they have pre-measured doses. I have been struggling with oils and I am glad that the capsules have come to my rescue.

  14. Cleopatra Ardolino

    Ever since I started taking CBD gel capsules, I have ditched my other supplements and I feel so much better. I am glad that the contents in the capsules are all natural.

  15. Gilberto Villalba

    My product was delivered discreetly packaged and in a timely manner. I hope I can count on you guys to maintain the amazing quality of these capsules.

  16. Lindsey Kobernick

    I honestly thought CBD makes one high but i am surprised that even after taking these capsules i feel so calm and sober. Atleast i dont have to worry about THC appearing in my drug test.

  17. Harris Newberger

    These are the capsules I have been looking for and I am so happy to have found them. The product is amazing to say the least. I will be coming back for more!

  18. Edwardo Mager

    The 1500mg capsules are a lifesaver. This is because of their efficiency. Their quality is great and just enough for me.

  19. Chase Balick

    Am very impressed with this gel capsule so far. I always pop two capsules in a day and they have been super helpful. Am definitely open to ordering more next month.

  20. Janey Catala

    Am so happy to purchase my capsule from American Hemp Oil. i requested for the lab report and they happily sent them to me. These guys are so transparent.

  21. Noah Tibbit

    American HempOil has always been my go to place when I need CBD. I ordered the 1500mg capsules and am so happy with the quality. They are super easy to swallow which is definitely an advantage to many.

  22. Althea Penny

    It is hard for me to not give this product a five star rating. I always use it before heading out and it keeps me cheerful and relaxed. The quality is also amazing.

  23. Daniel Dunnahoo

    Finally some legit CBD capsules. They smell so good and they work just fine.

  24. Taunya Flake

    The package arrived within two days of ordering. I have since taken two capsules every day for the past two weeks and am so happy with the results.

  25. Kenda Shafran

    It has been two years since I started using the 1500mg capsules. The quality of the product has been consistent and the delivery has always been fast. I would obviously recommend the capsules to all CBD fanatics.

  26. Jonas Wadlinger

    My grandpa has been consuming these capsules for one month now and he hasn’t said anything negative about them. He is so happy that the product is natural and safe.

  27. Norah Belair

    I have called three times with questions and customer care guys have been extremely helpful in answering my questions. At Least am confident that the staff are so educated on the matters CBD

  28. Tiny Hymer

    Honestly, I thank those who came up with the idea of putting CBD in tiny capsules. I no longer worry about the messy oils.

  29. Emory Margeson

    1500mg capsules are a great convenience when I want to take CBD right before bed but too tired to use oil. They’re also a nice alternative to gummies when I’m not into a sweet or fruity taste. Highly recommend them!

  30. Walter Burrill

    Using CBD oil tinctures is such a hassle. After trying these capsules, I found it super easy to just swallow them in my office.

  31. Vicky Gapinski

    The capsules are so easy to swallow and hide in your handbag when in a rush. Atleast i dont have to use a lot of space to keep a large bottle of CBD oil and a beverage.

  32. Laura Farone

    I wish I had found these capsules earlier. I am used to CBD tinctures but am so tired of playing with a dropper. At Least the capsules provide convenience.

  33. Zane Ostergren

    I bought these capsules for my eldest daughter and she liked them from the first day of use. She has been raving about this product every day. I am pretty sure she will be ordering from this website.

  34. Deane Verkamp

    I have been purchasing my CBD from a local store and the experience was good until they sold me sticky capsules. I immediately switched to AHO and their capsules are so good. I am hoping that the quality will be consistent.

  35. Lexie Skow

    I have tried many different brands but this left me satisfied with the quality of their products. For me, these soft gels have really worked.

  36. Juana Paap

    I really appreciate the awesome people at American Hemp Oil for the great customer service! I highly recommend AHO for anyone contemplating about trying cbd.The capsules are top quality!

  37. Cyril Daricek

    Extremely happy with the caps! My issues are basically non-existent, since using American Hemp Oil CBD products. These capsules are in the form of a small softgel. Benefits are amazing! No side effects in any way.

  38. Leticia Gritz

    I have been researching a lot about CBD and this was my first ever CBD product to purchase. I hope all that I have read about these capsules is correct. If all goes well, I am going to be a frequent customer.

  39. Tristan Hanway

    Capsules have never been my favorite but these are super easy to swallow. Their quality is also great and very helpful. At least, I don’t have to deal with the dropper and oil as well.

  40. Cindy Tatu

    For me, these soft gels are life changing. I can definitely notice significant improvements and the quality of life is way different now.

  41. Twana Mallet

    I have been using CBD gummies and the taste was not that good despite having flavors. I think anybody will find the capsules easier to use than gummies and sublinguals as well.

  42. Emmett Lauritzen

    I used these CBD softgels to boost my focus whenever I hit the gym. They have been so efficient as my pre workout formula. No side effects, bad taste or jitters.

  43. Alica Nacisse

    The best CBD product I have tried so far. I have used quite a number of products starting from tinctures, gummies and e-liquids, but none of them is as effective as the capsules. I finally found the best way to take CBD and I am not switching to any other method.

  44. Charity Hebrank

    I prefer taking these capsules rather than placing the oil under the tongue. They go down very easily hence more convenient. I will be ordering more soon!

  45. Bryan Shina

    Hello, I am a teacher and I got a discount on my first order. At least I got to save some dollars on such a high-quality product. I’ll be back for more. Cheers!

  46. Leo Lysne

    I was worried about the side effects of  using CBD. Fortunately I have not encountered any problems with these capsules. This tells me that the product is safe and tested by a third party.

  47. Zelma Rennemeyer

    These CBD soft gels have been the perfect and consistent way to get my daily dose of CBD oil. They really seem to help with my moods and energy levels as well. Moreover, it can’t be easier than taking one capsule a day. Thank you American Hemp Oil!

  48. James E. (verified owner)

  49. PETER S. (verified owner)

    Great products and a great service. Thank you.

  50. Steve C. (verified owner)

  51. Richard Johnson (verified owner)

    Excellent as usual!

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure ordering with you. Product was a bit slow to arrive but it is here and just what I needed.

  53. Marian S. (verified owner)

    We should be able to use the points we earn Seth sale items, otherwise they don’t help much!

  54. edythe b. (verified owner)

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