Pre- or Post-Workout CBD, Which is Better?

You’ve been using CBD for the occasional sleepless night. But now you’re wondering if the popular hemp extract has other benefits. “CBD pre-or post-workout, which is better?” is a question many fitness enthusiasts ask about the various CBD products available.

The answer?

It depends on your fitness goals and what exactly you’re looking for from CBD. Here’s a complete guide to using hemp extract before and after a workout.

CBD Pre-Workout Benefits

Let’s start with your pre-workout routine. How can CBD help you not only get through your daily fitness but thrive and excel in it?

CBD for Quality Sleep

Your pre-workout starts earlier than you realize—the night before. How well you sleep directly impacts your performance the next day. Sleep quality is vital for people who spend hours in the gym every week because they recharge.

If you don’t get enough quality sleep, you’re more likely to underperform and overtrain.

You need at least seven hours of sound sleep every night for the next day’s success. CBD-infused hemp extract can help with that. The calming effects of CBD help you wind down without disrupting your sleep.

You can even pair hemp extract with a cup of chamomile tea before bed for the perfect nightcap. If problems with sleep continue, there might be deeper issues at play, and you should review your nighttime routine.

Sometimes a few changes to your sleeping habits can make all the difference.

CBD to Reduce Anxious Jitters

CBD is also an ideal pre-workout supplement if you’re feeling anxious. Yes, even if you’re not an anxious person by nature. Many things can make us nervous before hitting the gym, such as:

Pre-or post-workout recovery with CBD, which is the best option?
  • A new workout routine
  • The presence of a difficult-to-work-with person in the gym
  • Significant changes in your schedule
  • That one muscle group that’s not in the mood to cooperate

We all feel jittery at some point, and a little CBD might help.

In addition, the calming effects of CBD hemp extract pull your mind away from worries. You can focus on your friends, the equipment, or the music instead of what might happen if you fail to lift a weight or get winded sooner than usual.

Is your workout schedule the only thing that feels like it’s in flux? If you’re still finding yourself anxious before or during your routine, look at your other habits.

Are you consuming too much caffeine? Stability in all areas of life can help you overcome pre-workout jitters.

CBD for a Pre-Workout Boost of Energy

Natural energy to power through your workout.

When you’re sleeping well at night, waking up refreshed, and not anxious, your energy levels should be up as well. The 100% natural energy from healthy living is much better for you than caffeine or supplements.

For continuing problems with daytime drowsiness, look at other areas that might be causing you to feel tired.

For example, low iron levels can make you feel sluggish, and it doesn’t help that the gym is a highly active environment.

You might need to get your levels checked or switch up your workout routine to include periods of less-arduous physical activity until you’re feeling better.

CBD for Mental Clarity

Your pre-workout starts the moment you wake up. If you’re groggy, you won’t respond well to your morning workout.

Not only does the hemp extract have the potential to help you sleep better at night, but you’ll also never wake up groggy as other solutions can cause.

By keeping anxiety at bay, CBD gives you the mental clarity and the focus you need for a productive workout any time of day.

CBD to Warm Up Muscles for a Workout

Warm-up your muscles with CBD.

Stretching before a workout is an integral part of your routine for good reason. You need to prepare the body and muscles for what’s about to happen, so it’s best to get the blood flowing at least ten minutes before you begin.

CBD may take care of this for you. The compound’s anti-inflammatory properties also help improve blood flow, which allows you to get moving for your pre-workout stretches.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness with CBD

Your workout starts even before you arrive at the gym. The drive to work, your morning commute, and getting ready all play a part.

Any added stress can make you feel more fatigued than usual, hampers your workout even if you arrive at the gym with a ton of energy.

The compound’s anti-inflammatory response might keep your muscles from saying “no” during your fitness routine so you can get the full effects of your workout.

Of course, this only delays the soreness your body experiences after a great workout. You’ll still need a CBD topical and some gummies or capsules before a good night’s rest for full muscle recovery.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep your muscles hydrated and prevent dehydration which can lengthen the recovery process.

Consider mixing your CBD oil with a protein shake to give your muscles an extra boost after your workout. Protein is also excellent for refueling your body.

Pre- or Post-Workout: Which Products Should You Use Before?

CBD topicals are ideal for post-workout recovery.

There are no specific products that work better than others before your workout. However, choosing a topical application for your muscles is an excellent choice.

A low tincture dose can help you avoid feeling drowsy during your workout while still offering all the benefits of the compound.

CBD edibles are also helpful for this purpose, especially if you enjoy a tasty treat.

When Should You Take CBD Before Hitting the Gym?

You’ll want to take the dose two hours before you plan on working out. This will ensure that there’s still time for the oil to absorb into your bloodstream before you get started.

CBD: Post Recovery

Improve fitness with CBD pre-or post-workout.

What about taking CBD after your workout?

The popular hemp extract is beneficial before and after your fitness routine, whether a weightlifting session or a couple-mile run. Here are a few ways the abundant cannabinoid can help your body after a workout.

Post-Workout CBD Oil for Muscle Recovery

Inflammation slows down the recovery process. CBD, specifically in hemp extract form, has anti-inflammatory properties that can help short circuit the process.

The compound is an anti-inflammatory, but this property can also benefit those who exercise regularly.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are perfect for soothing your sore muscles. During a workout, your body breaks down muscle tissue to build it back up stronger.

It does this by releasing inflammatory markers.

Post-Workout CBD Oil to Sleep Better

Glycine is an amino acid with calming properties, giving you the rest your body needs. It can be challenging to get the rest you need when your body aches.

The hemp extract can help you get better sleep after a workout or gym session by increasing your body’s glycine production.

Also, it does more than improve sleep quality. It helps maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Without quality sleep, your body’s recovery process will suffer. By getting more restful sleep with hemp extract, you might even see faster results from

Post-Workout CBD Oil to Relax and Recover

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
Choose American Hemp Oil for pre-or post-workout recovery.

CBD hemp extract is perfect for post-workout recovery. By working with your mind and body to unwind, the phytocannabinoid helps you rebound mentally and physically.

When your mind is calm, and your body isn’t sore, it’s easier to relax and get the sleep you need.

Pre- or Post-Workout CBD: What Products Work Best After the Gym?

You have more CBD options for your post-workout. Here we suggest trying American Hemp Oil soothing bath salts infused with CBD and other all-natural ingredients.

After the hot bath, apply a CBD lotion to soften and hydrate your skin, which takes a beating in the gym.

If your muscles are still achy, try our CBD balm. All of these options are excellent to use for quick relief from soreness naturally.

Before bed, make sure to take a CBD capsule or gummies. American Hemp Oil offers a CBD and melatonin bedtime gummy to boost sleep.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that can help you unwind and prepare for sleep.

Remember to take the CBD edibles at least an hour before bed to ensure the compound has time to absorb into your bloodstream for full sleep support.

Buy American Hemp Oil CBD today.

Now that you know all the ways CBD can help your body recover after a workout, it’s time to stock up on our products. Our team at American Hemp Oil is dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD products available. We have everything you need to help you prepare for your workout and soothe your muscles and relax your mind after a tough weightlifting session, run, or spin class.

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