PACT Act & Hemp Vape

The Pact Act & Hemp Vape Cartridges Changes—Are You Ready?

Many consumers choose to vape CBD oil. While this method is popular, there are safety concerns. In December 2020, Congress approved drastic changes to the PACT Act by including e-cigarettes and hemp vape cartridges. The PACT Act stands for “Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking.” The new law squeezed into the spending bill is called “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act.” The PACT Act is an amendment to the Jenkins Act of 1949 involving interstate cigarette sales reporting.

The legislative history is confusing, and the latest legal requirements for shipping hemp vape cartridges will make your head spin. Yes, brands will find ways around these legality issues, but it’ll take time. In the meantime, you need to know if, when, and where you can buy hemp vape carts and learn about the alternatives.

CBD Vape Shipping Law Changes

Legal changes to hemp vape cartridges are putting consumers in a bind.

Changes to the legislation surround shipping. It’s not illegal to purchase or use these products. Companies and customers have to abide by strict regulations to mail hemp vape cartridges and all associated devices, parts, and additives. You might think, “Okay, I’ll pay extra for UPS or FedEx.”


Both private delivery services have changed their policies to exclude all vaping products, including CBD vape items.

The good news? The USPS changes won’t affect business-to-business sales and deliveries, which means local stores can still stock up on products. However, most states charge an additional tax on vapor items, so you’ll be paying more to buy in-person.

Are Hemp Vape Cartridges Safe?

There are safety concerns with all vaping products. The technology is relatively new, and more testing and research are necessary to prevent the tragedies that occurred during the 2019 vaping crisis from happening. Yes, the government’s concerns about the products are relevant.

Some consumers are wondering if CBD vapes are safe.

But the biggest issue regarding vaping safety issues involves two issues: A lack of testing for unsafe additives and uncertainty surrounding the quality of disposable CBD vape carts. For the most part, brands and third-party screening facilities have responded to check for vitamin E acetate and other contaminants that caused users to get sick in 2019.

The second issue isn’t as easy to solve or provide answers to. Some experts believe that inferior metals, when heated, can leach into the CBD vape cartridges, leading to severe illness.

Do the Legal Changes Affect all CBD Oil Products?

No. The PACT Act only changes shipping regulations for vape cartridges. There are no restrictions on other CBD items. Tobacco products already have additional rules in place, so more legal updates are most likely not on the way for CBD and shipping. You can buy and ship hemp oil extracts through USPS and any private delivery services that transport these all-natural and legal products.

Can CBD Oil Help Like Hemp Vape Cartridges?

Yes! Although they don’t provide relief as quickly as CBD vape carts, CBD oil, gummies, and capsules offer the same benefits. Hemp extracts have the potential to help reduce muscle and joint pain following a challenging workout or the daily aches and soreness related to aging.

Stress and anxiety are debilitating. Many consumers use CBD vape products for quick relief on the go. All hemp items offer the same help. It just takes a little longer for it to work. For the fastest reduction, consider a CBD tincture.

300mg Full Spectrum Starter Pack
CBD oil provides the same benefits as hemp vape carts.

Sleep is a struggle for millions of Americans. You need seven to nine hours nightly to have a productive day. Yet, many of us aren’t getting the necessary duration. numerous consumers turn to over-the-counter sleep aids or prescriptions. But these options come with many disadvantages, such as a morning fog.

CBD may help improve sleep quality. The concept is sound. When you’re less stressed, and your brain’s not going on overdrive when you turn in for the night, there’s a better chance you’ll fall asleep quickly and sleep uninterrupted longer. Additionally, if your joints and muscles aren’t sore, it’s easier to get comfortable and drift to sleep.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil Formula

When you buy hemp extracts, all products, from the tinctures to the gummies and capsules, the available formulas are the same as hemp vape carts. Consumers can choose between full-spectrum items that contain all 545 hemp compounds or an isolate that’s 99.9% pure CBD. Both blends have advantages and disadvantages.

Full-spectrum CBD oil offers the benefits of all 545 compounds, including THC. Although that’s only 0.3% and not enough to cause a high, it can still lead to drug screening fails. If you are tested at work or in competitive sports for THC, you should consider the isolate instead.

Different CBD Products to Replace Hemp Vape Cartridges

You don’t have to switch to CBD tinctures. There are a few ways to use the hemp extract without placing drops of oil under your tongue. CBD gummies and capsules are excellent methods for taking the popular compound. Keep in mind these will take longer to work than vaping and CBD oil. However, the wait is worth it because tinctures provide four to six hours of relief.

Combining Hemp Vape Cartridges and Infused CBD Oils, Capsules, and Gummies

As mentioned, consumers can still go to physical locations to get around the PACT Act and purchase hemp vape carts. If you’re lucky enough to have a nearby storefront, consider adding a CBD tincture, capsules, or edibles to your daily schedule.

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The PACT Act is helping consumers look for other ways to use CBD oil.

CBD vapes are an excellent way to get fast relief for spiking anxiety levels, but it only lasts 30 to 60 minutes before you need to take a few more puffs. The tincture works in under 20 minutes. Many consumers vape for the immediate response and add a few drops of oil under their tongue.

By the time the vaping effect wears off, the tincture kicks in, providing 100% coverage for your anxiety. You can do the same with CBD gummies and capsules, but you may need a few more puffs of your vape pen before the edibles take effect.

Don’t let the PACT Act stop you from consuming all-natural CBD products. Switch from hemp vape cartridges to high-quality hemp extracts, such as oils, capsules, and gummies. American Hemp Oil offers a wide selection of full-spectrum and isolates to add to your wellness routine. Choose our premium CBD oils and other products to replace your hemp vape carts today.

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