What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol oil is just one of over 85 cannabinoids discovered so far in the different types of cannabis, including marijuana and hemp. CBD is present in more significant quantities in hemp than marijuana, and because it is non-psychoactive, CBD oil is widely regarded as the cannabinoid with the most health potential by researchers. We suggest you do your own research on CBD and cannabinoids.

Can CBD Oil help me?

We comply with the FDA’s DSHEA guidelines and cannot endorse any medical benefits of CBD or our hemp oil. Please read our verified customer reviews and that should help you out.

Are our CBD products legal?

Our CBD hemp oil is a domestic hemp product, and contains NO THC and is thus exempt from the Federal Controlled Substances Act and 100% legal in all 50 states.

What countries do you ship to?

Most international orders are not shipping at this time due to very extended transportation times, delaying international shipments as much as 3 months. Only shipping to these countries:

Australia (4-12 Weeks)
Canada (4-12 Weeks)
Germany(Edibles NOT allowed)
United States
United Kingdom

How long does it take to ship to my house?

USA Free Shipping – 3-5 Days Via USPS
Worldwide International Shipping($25)- 7-60 Days Via USPS

***Please remember, during Covid-19 packages WILL BE delayed. Once the shipment is out for delivery, the item is out of our control.

What is in your CBD Hemp Oil?

Pure CBD Hemp Oil, Formulated Blend of Hemp-Specific Terpenes, and MCT oil (coconut oil).

Does your CBD show up on a drug test or get me high?

American Hemp Oil has NO THC in our products. Drug tests will not detect any levels of THC. So as much as we would love to say 100% yes, American Hemp Oil makes no guarantee that users of ANY CBD or hemp-based products will or will not fail a drug test or drug screening.

No, they won’t get you high. Our products are all made with high-CBD, NO-THC hemp oil. CBD is non-psychoactive.

Are your products Non-GMO and safe?

Yes, American Hemp Oil products are not genetically modified in any way.  All our hemp crops are grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, so our quality starts with our hemp plants. From the time our hemp oil is harvested to the manufacturing and shipping of our products, we test our hemp oil multiple times to ensure accuracy in potency information cannabinoid content.

Do I need a medical card to buy your products?

No medical card or prescription is needed.

How much CBD should I take?

Please go to our CBD dosage page to read more about what we can and cannot tell you about dosing.

Which CBD product is right for me?

This will very much depend on your own personal preference and desired CBD quantities. You can check out all of our CBD products to choose the one that fits your needs.

Where does our Hemp come from?

Our industrial hemp comes from Colorado, USA

What extraction method do you use?

This product is created by a CO2 extraction (FDA Approved). The refined oil is then run through flash chromatography to separate the THC out of the finished product.

Do you provide lab test results?

Yes. Each one of our products has a 3rd-party lab test results on each product page for you to see.

What is the difference between CBD Hemp Oil and the Hemp products I buy at the grocery store?

Hemp products sold in stores are most often made with hemp seed oil, which can contain only trace amounts of CBD.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express


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