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Hemp Oil Facts

Everything You Need To Know About Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has become a popular and vital product in the 21st century and the truth of the matter is that it’s just getting started. What is hemp oil? Well, it is a substance that has been derived from industrial hemp- a plant that is in the cannabis family. Hemp oil is quite different from cannabis oil because it does not contain THC – the psychoactive element that makes you high.

Industrial hemp has a rich history that dates back to 1500 BC. Other than making hemp oil it can be used to make ropes. All in all, this article will not touch on the plant itself as it is meant to enlighten you about CBD hemp benefits. So, let’s get right on to it.

In case you didn’t know, hemp oil exists in different types depending on where it has been extracted from. This section covers the different types briefly.


This is basically oil that has been extracted from the seed and stalk of an industrial hemp plant. In simple terms, it is a whole-plant extract that contains different terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids as well. All these elements work together to support the endocannabinoid system.

Seed Oil

As the name suggests, this type of oil is extracted exclusively from the seeds. Hemp seed oil is popular for its healthy fatty acid profile. Besides, this oil does not contain significant levels of CBD or THC. It is mostly used for cooking.


This is a common oil that is known to have plenty of health benefits. Unlike other hemp oils, CBD oil is made by exclusively extracting phytocannabinoid cannabidiol. CBD oil can be derived from hemp or Cannabis sativa depending on the State you come from. States that consider cannabis illegal require CBD oil to be extracted from pure hemp.

How Is It Extracted?

The process of extracting hemp oil requires the use of a solvent in order to derive the oil from the seeds or stalks. There are several ways of extracting hemp oil and each one of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is a method that is only considered safe when the solvent is used in small amounts. Unfortunately, ethanol destroys plant waxes thus reducing some of the health benefits you could have enjoyed.

CO2 Extraction

This process involves exposing hemp to low temperature CO2 gas and high pressure in order to extract the cannabinoids. This extraction method is okay but it takes a lot of time and it is expensive as well.

Olive Oil Extraction

Olive oil is considered to be the best method because it is cost-effective and safe. Moreover, olive oil has its own set of benefits which include improving immunity and preventing inflammation. The process of extracting hemp oil involves heating the hemp together with olive oil in order to extract the cannabinoids.

Hexane or Butane Extraction

These solvents are great when it comes to extracting cannabinoids from hemp. Unfortunately, some of the solvents might remain in the hemp oil after completing the process.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has a myriad of benefits that can be attributed to the phytocannabinoids that come with it. The research about the benefits is still ongoing but at least there is some compelling clinical evidence. Below are some of the benefits you need to know:

Improves Skin Health

Hemp seed oil contains a fatty acid profile that may be quite helpful for your skin. The nutrients in this oil may play a part in preventing breakouts and keeping the skin healthy. Studies show that this oil might be a great choice for protecting your skin from oxidation and inflammation.

Good for Heart Health 

Older studies reveal that the nutrient profile of hemp oil might play a part in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure as well.

Pain Relief

Hemp and CBD oil have always been used for natural pain relief. Recent studies show that full-spectrum hemp oil might be a good treatment for different types of pain.

Improves Brain Health 

Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acid content which may be helpful to the brain. As you well know, the brain requires healthy fats to function normally. This implies that the fatty acids contained in hemp oil might offer a favorable working condition for the brain. Moreover, cannabinoids help to protect the brain from various types of inflammation.

Are There Side effects?

Most of the health products we use have a low risk of side effects and it’s no different with hemp oil. As much as it offers benefits, there is a possibility that you might experience some side effects after ingesting it. The good thing is that these side effects are extremely rare. Besides, there has never been any reported cases of toxicity associated with hemp oil. The only side effects you might experience include nausea, vomiting, and minor digestive problems.

What Is The Right Dosage?

This is one of the questions that most people who would like to try hemp oil ask. There is scanty information regarding the right dosage and what makes it worse is that most companies do not provide this information. Most experts recommend that you start with a small dosage and increase it gradually until you figure out the right dosage for you.

Where To Buy Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has become easily accessible in most states, especially after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. You can purchase legit hemp oil from online vendors, CBD dispensaries, and shops that specialize in hemp products. Make sure you purchase from a company or vendor that uses good extraction methods. American Hemp Oil is a good place to start since we have every product we sell tested by a third party.