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Difference Between CBD Derived From Hemp And Cannabis

There are a few differences when people derive CBD from hemp or cannabis. Before you use a CBD product, you’re going to want to read through this guide. That way, you know what kind of product you’re getting so you don’t accidentally do something like use a product with THC that could cause you to fail a drug test for work.

When you extract CBD from a marijuana plant that also contains THC, sometimes the batch of CBD will have some THC in it. While it may not be a big enough amount to do anything like make you high, it could still cause you to fail a drug test if you have to take one that is looking for THC in your system. With American hemp oil, there is no THC in it so you get a more pure version of CBD only that doesn’t cause failed drug tests.

There is a limit in most states that have to do with how much THC can be in a CBD product. If you’re being sold something over the counter at a place like a head shop, then you’re getting a product that will have barely or no THC in it because it’s not legal for them to sell anything with a high amount of THC without being approved to do so by the state they’re in. You have to have a marijuana shop to be able to sell products that have a bit of THC in them that are used medicinally or for recreational purposes.

CBD is something you need to try before you buy a lot of it. You’re going to want to try a little at first so you know if it works for you or not. If it doesn’t work at first, then try taking more and more until you get effects. If you’re not getting effects from a fairly high dose, then you need to try another type of product. You have to shop around a little and try a little of each brand that’s good out there to find what works well for you.

Before you buy CBD products, it’s good to look at reviews about them. You can find out if they are effective and whether they have THC in them by reading through reviews. For instance, you may find a review that says someone thought a brand had no THC but then they failed a drug test so you know to be cautious with that product. You want to find something that is pure CBD if you want just the benefits from that chemical found in hemp and cannabis plants. Figure out what others are saying about products so you don’t waste money on what’s not going to be worth it for you.

In some areas it’s illegal to sell CBD that has any amount of THC in it even if it’s such a small amount it won’t do anything. If you live in one of those areas, chances are you can find stores that sell pure CBD and you can read more about each of the states. You can also look online, but then you have to wait to get the product and will have to pay shipping. Figure out where you can get the best deals and then get your CBD to test out to see if it’s the right kind for you.

Don’t buy CBD from a source you haven’t researched. There are shady sellers out there that have products that have THC in high amounts in them that sell their products without regard for the law in your area. You don’t want to buy a product, think you’re getting CBD only, then end up getting high off of THC as a side effect of taking what you thought was just a product with CBD in it. Unexpected highs can cause anxiety and if that happens to you, then know that CBD can help with anxiety so find a pure source of it to deal with anything THC does to you that you dislike.

You can buy recreational marijuana that has high amounts of CBD with THC in it as well that you can use to treat a number of ailments. For instance, if you buy an Indica strain that has a lot of CBD and some THC you can use it before bed because it is likely to make you want to rest for a while. Be careful with Sativa strains if you have anxiety already because it can be too stimulating for some people and it’s generally low in CBD.

It may be wise for you to get a medical card if there is medical marijuana in your state. Then you can buy more than what they offer just for recreational buyers. A lot of the more medicinal strains have more CBD in them than the rest because people are using them for ailments and not just to have a good time. Speak with a budtender at a local shop to see what strains they have saved back for medical patients and when you get your medical card you can try high CBD varieties until you find what works.

Be cautious with edibles if you don’t know much about them quite yet. A lot of them are high in THC and if you eat a lot of edible thinking it’s not working, it can kick in a couple of hours later and basically floor you with how high you get. With CBD, it doesn’t matter if you take a high dose because it doesn’t have the ability to get you high. But, if you’re using CBD with THC then be sure that you’re cautious about how much you’re taking so you don’t get so high you have a worse time than if you were to do nothing at all.

Now you have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to CBD derived from hemp and cannabis. Go the hemp route if you want to be very sure that there are no traces of THC at all. Do your research before you take any CBD product and you should be fine.

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