Combining CBD Products

Can I Combine Different CBD Products?

Combining CBD products is not a bad idea as long as you are careful and understand dosages, frequency, and what YOUR limits are. There is no harm in combining products because you will still be consuming the same thing only in different forms.  Where do you start in terms of choosing the right products? This is tricky because there are so many CBD products in the market and they all provide the same benefits. If you are a beginner in the world of CBD, then you might find yourself in a dilemma on which product to go with.

Is There A Dangerous Dose Of CBD?

As you well know, CBD is safe but should not be consumed without a plan. CBD dosage differs depending on the product you are using and the condition you want to treat. It is good to know that consuming a lot of CBD might cause problems. When taking any foreign substance, you should be careful with the amount you are about to ingest. Of course, CBD has always been ruled as a safe product and even the World Health Organization published a report to confirm this.

Despite the safety and non-toxicity of CBD products, first-time users might experience some side effects but none of them can be considered to be serious. Most side effects will always fade after several uses. Below are some of the side effects you may experience as a first-timer:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness

As much as these side effects will disappear, it is good to consult with a medical practitioner if you already suffer from them. First-timers should take CBD when they have free time because it might induce dizziness which is a problem when dealing with heavy machinery.

Apart from the side effects I have listed above, there’s not much to worry about CBD related products. First-timers are always advised to start with small doses and increase gradually until they achieve the desired outcome.

Is Combining CBD Products a Good Idea?

Now you know that CBD is not lethal unless you consume 20,000 mg of CBD within a short time. Of course, this does not mean that you should always take high doses of CBD. You should always take your CBD in moderation so as to avoid unwanted side effects.

In most cases, you will find the right dosage for you early enough. This means that you won’t have to consume a lot of CBD before you find out what works for you.

Sometimes you will take CBD and the effects will wear off so quickly. Does this mean that you should take another dose? Is it safe to do so? Well, you can take another dose and it is completely safe. This explains why some people prefer to ingest small doses of CBD after every few hours rather than ingesting a large dose at once. If you prefer small doses, you should consider mixing different CBD products instead of taking one specific type.

Tips On How To Combine CBD Products

Combining CBD products will help you maintain the required CBD levels. Moreover, you won’t be bored by taking the same product over and over again.

Below are a few tips on how to combine CBD products without compromising safety.

Exploit various consumption methods

As I have mentioned earlier, the whole point of combining different CBD products is to get rid of boredom and have fun consuming CBD. You will agree with me that there is pleasure in trying out new things.

The CBD market is quite huge and there is no harm in trying the different products it has to offer. You don’t have to get stuck with a product you don’t like while you can explore the market and find new products.

CBD comes in the form of sublingual oils, gummies, creams and capsules. Each type works in different ways to achieve the desired results. Some types take time to be absorbed by the body while others are quite fast. Capsules and edibles take time to be absorbed while oils and CBD vapes take a short time.

Combining different types of CBD products provides you with the opportunity to experiment if you want a slow burner or a fast-acting solution.

Adopt Micro-dosing

Micro-dosing is a common term in psychedelics and the good thing is that this technique can also be used in the world of CBD. Micro-dosing is simply consuming a small amount of CBD as a way of determining a standard dose.

Once you are able to determine the correct dosage, you can start experimenting and taking various CBD products. Always make sure you record how different dosages are reacting to your body. Once you start to feel better then that is an indication that you’ve found the correct daily dose. You can divide this dose throughout the day so that you can maintain that good feeling for longer periods.

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Finding pure CBD products is not guaranteed in this popular market. Always purchase from sellers you trust and who provide the data you need to feel comfortable. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the best CBD products. You can browse through our catalog of products and choose the best picks.

CBD is safe for consumption and there is no harm in combining different products as long as you are following the tips provided above and your doctors’ recommendation. Always consult with a doctor if you have any medical conditions or if you are under medication.

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