Does CBD Cream work for pain relief

10 Reasons Seniors Turn to CBD for Pain

Pain is a complex issue. As people age, everyday muscle and joint soreness increases. As seniors are more active and exercise more to improve heart health and longevity, their aches and discomfort levels also rise. Instead of prescription medications, seniors are turning to CBD for pain relief, including hemp creams and other topical applications. The all-natural wellness option is ideal for keeping consumers with a clear head during daytime and nighttime activities. Hemp oil for pain is offering seniors a whole new level of support for an active lifestyle.

1. Proven-Effective CBD for Pain Management

There’s nothing new about using hemp oil for pain. Civilizations have been cultivating hemp for various reasons for thousands of years. The wellness benefits of the potent plant date back nearly as long. Research indicates CBD, including a simple hemp cream, has the potential to relieve these everyday aches and pains.

500mg CBD Cream
CBD oil for pain includes soothing topical creams.

A typical cause of inflammation in people 50 and older is arthritic symptoms. According to studies published in SFWeekly, 42% of Baby Boomers are already using CBD for pain relief. By reducing muscle and joint soreness, seniors can keep moving and enjoying every day to the fullest.

2. All-Natural Relief

Who doesn’t love the idea of 100% natural relief with a plant-based product? Hemp is grown organically with non-GMO seeds in nutrient-rich soil and free from artificial fertilizers and dangerous insecticides and pesticides. The popular plant’s trichomes contain all the protection hemp needs. Whether you choose gummies or a tincture for pain relief or a body-enriching hemp cream, CBD for pain is a real, all-natural option for seniors

3. Hemp Creams and Other Products are Easy to Use

Taking a pill with a full glass of water is simple. Using hemp for pain relief, you can choose a traditional capsule. However, there are many other options for plant products that go above typical prescription and over-the-counter choices. 

American Hemp Oil - CDB Isolate - Oil, Gummies, Capsules, Cream
Choose hemp oil for pain maintenance.

The tincture is a few drops under the tongue, where it absorbs into the membranes and directly into the bloodstream for fast relief. Gummies are yummy and a gluten-free treat in the morning, afternoon, or before bed. Hemp cream works like all topical applications—Rub the lotion into the area that’s bothering you. 

4. Hemp Oil for Pain Instead of NSAIDs

For years it’s been common to pop a little ibuprofen or acetaminophen when you suffer from everyday soreness. However, these over-the-counter medicines aren’t as safe as you may think. Additionally, they were never intended to take one or more times daily without seeking a doctor’s care. 

Full spectrum CBD vs isolate
CBD oil is non-habit forming.

NSAIDs can cause liver and kidney damage. It can also lead to and worsen ulcers. All but aspirin increases the risk of a heart attack. For seniors, these dangerous side effects of NSAIDs can be fatal. 

5. CBD for Pain is Non-Habit Forming

Over the past few decades, opioids have helped many consumers with sore joints and muscles, especially aging. These medications come with dangers, such as dependence and risk of overdose. CBD is non-habit-forming. Studies confirm this benefit and leading authorities agree. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) added CBD to the approved list for athletes competing in global sporting events in 2018.

Regarding overdosing, it’s not possible. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. It communicates with internal receptors. However, unlike opioid receptors, there are no cannabinoid receptors in the brainstem which regulate the heart and lungs.

Literature available on the National Cancer Institute’s website explains,

” Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from Cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.”

6. CBD has Few Side Effects

CBD isn’t habit forming.

Many medications have a long list of adverse effects that make consumers reluctant to use them. When you choose CBD for pain management, you get a product that’s all-natural and commonly taken for relieving sore joints and muscles throughout the day. Nonetheless, hemp extracts have some mild side effects. Users might notice nausea, irritability, and drowsiness from high doses. These adverse responses are always mild, and you can reduce them by changing the dose or administration method. 

7. THC-Free Options

Many seniors in states with medical marijuana laws want plant-based options without the high. Few dispensaries are offering THC-free choices. With a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate, you never have to worry about THC. American Hemp Oil offers full- and broad-spectrum formulas for consumers. The full-spectrum blends contain up to 0.3% THC, which isn’t enough to produce a high. 

8. CBD for Pain Relief & Stress

Relax with hemp oil.

Pain relief is great. But often, tense muscles from stress are a reason for the soreness. When you find a solution for excess stress and anxious feelings that lead to tightening muscles, it’s possible to get relief. Hemp oil for pain might help reduce stress naturally. With fewer stressors in your life, it’s possible to improve your overall wellness. For example, lower stress levels reduce heart disease and hypertension risk and boost overall mood.

9. Improve Sleep Quality with Hemp Oil

When you choose CBD for pain management, you get help in other life areas that help with overall wellness. Quality sleep is important for everything. When you lack it, the deficit affects every part of your life. Less sleep increases stress, anxiety, cardiovascular health, and even work habits and social interactions. 

Choose hemp topicals for pain.

While CBD isn’t a sleeping medication, it may improve consumers’ sleep quality by reducing stress and lessening joint and muscle pain. When you’re in a good mood and relaxed, it’s much easier to fall asleep at night. 

10. Use Hemp Cream Throughout the Day

Unlike other ways to relieve aches and pains, hemp creams are safe to use multiple times a day. They work in about 20 minutes and last about four hours. Re-apply as necessary. Additionally, you can mix it with other CBD and non-CBD solutions. For questions about CBD and your prescription medications, contact your medical practitioner. 

Are you ready to try an all-natural product for relieving your everyday soreness? American Hemp Oil has all-natural, organic premium CBD sales items, including a hemp cream you can massage into sore muscles and joints. Choose American Hemp Oil and add it to your daily wellness plan.

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