CBD and Melatonin: Why Take The Two Together?

CBD and melatonin work better together to encourage fewer restless nights and improve sleep quality. Products that combine the two into one CBD-based supplement, the two compounds have been shown to enhance each other’s benefits, giving those who take it an overall healthier improvement in their sleeping patterns and overall wellness.

What is the Circadian Rhythm?

The circadian rhythm is the body’s physical, mental, and behavioral changes over a 24-hour cycle. External factors, such as sunlight and temperature, influence it. But it also has an internal component. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is a small part of the brain’s hypothalamus. The SCN is the master clock in your body, and it tells you when to go to bed and when to wake up.

The Circadian Rhythm and Third-Shift Workers

Night shift work can interrupt the circadian rhythm, especially if your sleeping pattern is out of sync with the light-dark cycle. Studies show about 26% of Americans work night shifts, and these workers tend not to get enough sleep, which can have a negative impact on the circadian rhythm. Effects of shift work include decreased reaction time and increased risk for depression, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

CBD and melatonin might help with jet lag.

The Circadian Rhythm and Jet Lag

The interruption of sleep patterns causes jet lag. The circadian rhythm gets disrupted when traveling to different time zones. If you’re on a plane that crosses five or more time zones, you’re exposed to the equivalent of more than one night of lost sleep. Studies have shown that jet lag can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Sleep deprivation has been the topic of many studies that have led to a better understanding of how sleep works in general. Scientists have found that even a slight decrease in sleep can adversely affect an individual’s overall health.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is the chemical in your body that tells you when it’s time to sleep. Your brain secretes melatonin 30 minutes before you fall asleep, which signals your body that it’s time to get some rest. Melatonin can help your body increase its natural release of this chemical, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer when taken in supplement form.

Studies show that melatonin might play a role in memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In particular, research indicates depleted levels of melatonin in patients with early signs of memory impairment.

A 2018 report published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found,

“The ability of melatonin to improve the restorative value of sleep, through its effects on the circadian clock and reduced activation of the precuneus, open new perspectives into the role of the clock and sleep disturbances in the pathophysiology of AD.”

Does the ECS Impact the Sleep Cycle?

The endocannabinoid system is a collection of cell receptors and corresponding molecules in your body that play a significant role in regulating internal processes. They impact nearly every function from sleep to pain sensation, appetite, mood, and memory.

The ECS regulates the sleep cycle by impacting this SCN. Both CBD and melatonin are known to interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in your body, helping you fall asleep faster.

A 2020 study published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience recorded significant results. The report, “Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoids, and Sleep,” discusses the endocannabinoid system and the different internal and plant compounds. The authors concluded,

“It is becoming increasingly evident that endocannabinoids play a prominent role in sleep and sleep neurophysiology, and cannabinoid drugs alter these processes. There are clear overlaps between the brain ECB (endocannabinoid) system and sleep-wake circuitry, and cannabinergic manipulations are capable of altering sleep on a large scale in terms of time spent in specific vigilance states, and fine-scale in terms of sleep architecture and spectral power of specific sleep-related brain rhythms.”

Why Do People Take CBD for Sleep?

CBD and melatonin together may improve sleep quality.

According to research, CBD has a lot of potential in helping people sleep. Studies show that cannabidiol interacts with your endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for easing symptoms and regulating your sleep cycle. CBD also interacts with serotonin receptors, which help regulate mood and encourage relaxation.

Surveys show consumers want all-natural supplements over traditional sleep products, such as CBD and melatonin gummies. Many over-the-counter and prescription products have two responses—either they don’t work, or they leave you in a fog the next day. You need to be alert and productive from when you get up until you finally make it home and finish all daily tasks.

CBD doesn’t leave you drowsy in the morning. In fact, because the brain produces dopamine, a good indicator of alertness, CBD may interact with the endocannabinoid system and SCN to boost energy. This benefit makes it a preferred supplement for those who have occasional sleep issues or work the third shift or hours that go against the day-night cycle.

Another reason researchers believe CBD works to improve sleep is the compound’s potential to reduce anxiousness. When your mind isn’t racing, it’s much easier to fall and stay asleep. Studies confirm the phytocannabinoid’s ability to calm people down.

“In our study, we saw no evidence of a safety issue that would limit future studies. In this evaluation, CBD appears to be better tolerated than routine psychiatric medications. Furthermore, CBD displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety in clinical populations …”

CBD Hemp Gummies with Melatonin
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The Benefits of Combining CBD and Melatonin

Since both compounds work to regulate your sleep cycle, it’s only natural that you can use them together to maximize their benefits. CBD and melatonin work together to encourage a better night’s rest, promote healthy sleep patterns, and boost mental clarity the next day.

People who take CBD and melatonin as a combination tend to see an overall improvement in their sleep quality. They report falling asleep faster and sleeping longer.

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