CBD for arthritis relief

CBD and Arthritis-Does CBD Relieve Symptoms?

CBD is a popular all-natural compound many people have in their daily routine. People 50 and older are using the organic botanical extract to relieve everyday aches and pains from aging. Understandably, some consumers are skeptical about the potential benefits of hemp products to assist with sore joints and muscles. However, the science backs customers’ testimonials about CBD and arthritis.

What the Research Shows About CBD and Arthritis

There are many studies about CBD and arthritis. Most of the research supports customers’ opinions on different hemp products. More studies need to happen with people, but here are a few recent reports.

Cannabidiol: A Brief Review of its Therapeutic and Pharmacologic Efficacy in the Management of Joint Disease

The study published in Cureus in March 2020 is a review of research involving inflammatory pain and CBD. More good studies are needed to prove the data, but it mentions that despite this, there are many positive reports about CBD and inflammatory pain.

It found promising results!

“…recent research has demonstrated the efficacy of CBD in decreasing the endogenous pain response in mice subjected to acute arthritic conditions, as well as improved fracture healing via collagen cross-linking in a murine mid-femoral fracture cohort.”

Nonetheless, without more extensive, high-quality studies using human participants, the FDA won’t be able to recommend CBD for anything other than general wellness. So help us improve research through the Releaf app! The free-to-use anonymous app for Android and Apple devices allows scientists to gather patient reports. The data also assists researchers with securing necessary approvals for high-quality studies with people, rather than mice.

Cannabinoids in the Management of Difficult to Treat Pain

The research in this report isn’t new, but it’s some of the most important. Published in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management in Feb 2008, the study from renowned scientist Dr. Ethan B. Russo reviews cannabinoids for pain treatment. The research used different ratios of CBD to other cannabinoids, including THC. However, most ratios used an even or near-even amount of CBD over THC. Russo used data from legal prescriptions in 2008, including Sativex with nearly the same balance. Regarding any high, he explained,

Differences between Hemp CBD Oils and THC
Relieve sore joints and other aches and pains with full-spectrum CBD oil.

“The vast majority of subjects in Sativex clinical trials do not experience psychotropic effects outside of initial dose titration intervals and most often report subjective intoxication levels on visual analog scales that are indistinguishable from placebo, in the single digits out of 100.”

Regarding pain, Russo explains,

“Results of a Phase III study (N = 177) comparing Sativex, THC-predominant extract and placebo in intractable pain due to cancer unresponsive to opiates (Johnson and Potts 2005) demonstrated that Sativex produced highly statistically significant improvements in analgesia (Table 1), while the THC-predominant extract failed to produce statistical demarcation from placebo, suggesting the presence of CBD in the Sativex preparation was crucial to attain significant pain relief.”

To put it plainly, this means in the prescription Sativex, patients experienced more relief because of the CBD that’s in the formula.

Prevalence of Cannabinoid Use in Patients With Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis (CBD and Arthritis)

While this 2021 study isn’t directly about the effectiveness of CBD for arthritis, it does show how many people are using a hemp extract for arthritic symptoms. The research published in the Journal of AAOC shows the results of 200 patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis and what they’re doing to relieve sore joints. The average participant is 67 years old and female. However, the 200 individuals surveyed were between the ages of 36 and 89 years old.) Of the total participants, 24% endorsed CBD products.

What sales items are people purchasing for arthritis symptoms?

  • 43% used oral tinctures
  • 36% used topical creams

Other Ways CBD Improves Wellness

CBD for Stress

Hemp extracts offer more than help with everyday aches and pains. Many consumers use CBD to relax and reduce stress. Too many stressors and high anxiety levels aren’t safe for your health. Additionally, stress can increase pain. An ideal way to relieve these symptoms naturally is with CBD. Whether you choose yummy gummies or a few drops of a tincture under the tongue, the wellness products are an excellent way to disengage after a long day.

CBD for Muscle Recovery

MCT Oil & CBD can lessen joint pain
Choose CBD to help with muscle recovery.

Sore joints and muscles are a common response to a challenging workout. As a result, customers turn to CBD oils, rubs, and other products to soothe their bodies. The full relaxation for the mind and body can help individuals recover faster and get back to the gym for their next challenge. Another advantage of CBD for reducing joint pain and similar arthritic symptoms, it improves mobility.

CBD for Occasional Sleeplessness

People 50 and older are taking CBD for many reasons, including help on nights when sleep doesn’t come easily. Apparently, reducing stress levels and limiting anxious thoughts may play a role in helping you sleep better. Additionally, when those benefits are combined with fewer aches and pains, falling asleep gets easier. When you get a full 7-9 hours of sleep at night, you function better during the day.

CBD and Arthritis: Hemp for Your Pet’s Sore Joints & Muscles

CBD isn’t for people only. It’s a compound for all mammals, including your cats and dogs. To help your furry friend with sore joints, consider hemp infused oils and treats. These are a safe, all-natural product formulated for pets. Never give your beloved cat or dog products intended for humans. The potency is different and additional ingredients can be dangerous.

Yes, more studies are necessary to move CBD from a wellness product to anything more. However, there was enough evidence of safety and effectiveness to pass federal law and get FDA approval. Additionally, consumer testimonials often swear by hemp for CBD and arthritis symptoms. Nonetheless, research confirms CBD and all the naturally occurring compounds in hemp are excellent for maintaining your wellbeing. For phytocannabinoid-rich tinctures and edibles, you can trust, buy American Hemp oil premium products today.

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