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CBD Oil on Amazon

Buying CBD on Amazon when its not allowed?

CBD is one of the most popular supplements in the world today and we write about it often right here on American Hemp Oil.  It has been able to penetrate the market pretty easily and that’s why it is easy to access it. Today you can find CBD Oil in gummy candies, chocolates, and tinctures as well.

As much as it is easy to find, there are restrictions that come with it. Some of the popular e-commerce giants such as Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD products. The big question is whether this is true, or it’s just a scare tactic.

Can you buy real CBD through Amazon?

With the high increase of cannabidiol products, there have been plenty of investigations to find out whether one can access CBD products from Amazon. One of those investigations were conducted by the Washington Post and here are the findings:

According to the Washington Post, it is much easier to access CBD related products from Amazon despite the fact that they’re prohibited. How is this even possible? Well, I am surprised as you are! The post managed to purchase thirteen items from this online retail website and eleven of them contained CBD. The Washington Post had Evio Labs conduct the tests in order to confirm that the products contained Cannabidiol. To make matters interesting, some of the products came out positive of having THC, which is the psychoactive element found in Cannabis.

It is quite interesting that one of the products actually came from Weller, a company that specializes in CBD products. This company has a special line of products that are found on the official website. However, the Post noted that the company sells the same products on Amazon but with different packaging. That sounds like a clever idea, right? One of the things that stood out is the fact that the company does not mention the key ingredient which is CBD.

According to John Simmons who is the Weller co-founder, the Dark Chocolate Bites on Amazon is no different from the product they sell on their official website. He clarified that they use different packaging just because the company is trying to navigate a business whose rules are inconsistent.

How can customers decide?

How do consumers decide which product to buy yet all the listings do not mention having CBD as a major ingredient? Apparently, the consumers already know which products contain cannabidiol by checking other websites and reviews.

With the aforementioned findings, it is pretty clear that Amazon is facing challenges when it comes to policing its platform. To be honest, such challenges are inevitable, especially with the high number of sellers who are listing their items.

What measures is Amazon Taking?

What measures has Amazon put in place to prevent sellers from listing CBD products on the site? Well, Amazon uses special algorithms to detect products that contain banned ingredients. This explains why sellers prefer to omit the key ingredient from their descriptions.

The post actually raised concerns about the products that contained CBD, but not all of them were removed. Amazon mentioned that they would be investigating the sellers and hold them accountable if they were found guilty. Patrick Graham who is the Amazon Spokesman clarified that they always move swiftly to act on bad sellers. In most cases, they punish them by withholding funds, revoking selling privileges, and pursuing criminal penalties as well.

When asked why they prohibit the sale of CBD related products, they declined to give a valid reason other than citing that they can decide on what to sell. The topic of CBD has been controversial and this explains why some states and localities are still against legalizing it.

In most states, CBD is legal especially after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. Despite its legal nature, the FDA prohibits CBD manufacturers from using this compound in food. Besides, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Idaho consider CBD as a controlled substance simply because there are no laws that differentiate marijuana and hemp plants. The truth of the matter is that CBD does not contain the psychotic chemical that makes people high.

Buy CBD on Amazon – what are the big players in the industry saying?

According to the big players in the CBD industry, this potent substance has the ability to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, alleviate cancer symptoms, reduce pain, and reduce seizures. Unfortunately, Epidiolex is the only legal drug used to treat seizure disorders. Does this mean you can’t use other CBD edibles? There is no straight answer to this question. However, CBD oils and other related products are readily available in the market and so many states are legalizing its use. This might explain why prosecutors are reluctant to take action against CBD makers and people who use these products.

The post actually made contact with the makers of the CBD products in an attempt to establish why they sell their products on Amazon. As expected, they gave some vague explanations, from ignoring the retailer’s rules to shipping the wrong items. Moreover, some of the companies were worried that other merchants were selling their products unlawfully. Such a move could damage a brand because of counterfeit products and poor service.

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces and this means millions of products are listed there. Besides, there are over 2.5 million sellers who operate in this marketplace. This shows how easy it is to set up shop on Amazon; this has resulted in stiff competition between sellers. Most of them are willing to slash their prices in order to lure customers.

Why is Amazon Slacking with CBD?

There is no doubt that Amazon has slacked a bit when it comes to policing. The reason behind this is to amass the selection of merchants. This hands-off approach has benefited CBD sellers and merchants who make counterfeit goods. There has been a lot of criticism about this issue and it has become quite clear that Amazon does not have the ability to control its huge platform.

Amazon failed to shed light on the number of CBD product listings it removed, however, the company said that its algorithm blocked more than 3 billion substandard listings last year alone.

According to Jonathan Miller, the Federal CBD law is quite murky and that is why it is difficult to sell CBD related products. Being the general counsel for the U.S Hemp Roundtable, he mentions that there is concern about law enforcement officers trying to target CBD sellers.

The unclear state of Federal CBD Law has also seen a few financial institutions distance themselves from executing transactions related to CBD products. Miller added that these institutions are wary of breaking banking rules.

Are you buying CBD on Amazon or Hemp Seed Oil?

Finding CBD products on Amazon is quite easy. Surprisingly, a search for “CBD Oil” on their website will bring up to 6000 results. The products that come up are actually described as hemp oil. Of course, not all of them contain CBD, but if you look at the customer reviews, it is easy to know those that contain this compound.

Other than the customer review section, it is easy to get clues in the question and answer section. There are questions on whether a certain product contains CBD and in most cases, there will be a clear answer provided by the seller. The other way customers know whether a product contains CBD is through social media. A good example is when H3 infusion posted on Twitter that they had a product on Amazon that contained 2% water-soluble CBD. They also included a link to their Amazon product page. Good Day Chocolate is yet another company that acknowledged selling CBD infused products on Amazon.

It is evident that these supplement sellers have ways to evade Amazon algorithms and screenings. One of those ways is to avoid mentioning the term CBD in their product description. Another common way to avoid detection is by using code words that describe cannabidiol.

Do merchants turn a blind eye?

As much as merchants are flouting the rules, there are plenty of companies that don’t sell on Amazon because they don’t want to break the rules. According to Kwon who has a few CBD sellers as clients, Amazon executives are aware that merchants are selling CBD, but they always turn a blind eye.

Kwon says that the executives know what is happening and the reason they are allowing it is that CBD is a solid revenue driver. Graham disputed this claim saying that Kwon has no clue how things work on Amazon.

As mentioned earlier, some of the products that were tested by Evio contained THC, which is a forbidden product as well. One of those products was a mint chocolate flavored oil from Restorative Botanicals. The president of this company claimed that his company adheres to federal guidelines that do not require manufacturing firms to mention CBD on their product labels.

As much as there are companies that are hiding their ingredients, there are others that claim to have CBD in their products but the compound does not show when tested. The post actually found Tranquilo Essentials to be among the culprits. To make matters worse, this company closed its Twitter account after Post asked about the issue.

With the murkiness surrounding the sale of CBD products on Amazon, some companies are reaping profits by breaking the rules while others such as Sentia are opposed to violating the rules. Sentia’s President Angelo Lombardi said that their company is missing the chance to market their brand simply because they have chosen to abide by Amazon’s rule.

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