Self Care for Fall

11 Simple Self-Care Tips For the Fall

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are falling and the weather is changing. Even if the temperatures don’t reflect it yet, it’s time to get into mode for the cooler time of year for most of the U.S. Here are some self-care ideas you can do in the fall to make sure you stay healthy this season.

1. Treat Yourself to a Cozy Blanket

There’s nothing better than getting under a warm blanket when it’s cold outside. A new, soft, comforting blanket is an excellent start to a few hours or a full self-care day. Next, grab a hot cocoa, tea or even soup if you like to make yours in the crockpot, and curl up with a new book or put on a TV show or movie you love.

2. Soak Your Feet For a Few Minutes of Self-Care

Soaking your feet for about 10 minutes before bed can make a world of difference when it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep. Adding Epsom salts to the warm water will help you relax even more, but try adding essential oils, too. For example, try lavender.  Not only is the smell relaxing, but it’s also naturally calming.

3. Make Your House Smell Good

Aromatherapy = self-care.

It’s easy to make your house smell great in the fall. Try baking some apple pie, gingerbread, or cranberry bread. If you’re not sure what scents you like yet, try finding a seasonal candle and lighting it when you come home from work or even when you get up in the morning if you’re working from home or off for the day. If you don’t want an open flame, try tarts or potpourri.

Another way to make your house smell good is by boiling cinnamon in water. You can do this by adding two or three cinnamon sticks to water and letting it boil for about 10 minutes. Then shut off the burner, and It will fill your home with the scent of fall. You’ll be instantly in the mood for Halloween! 

4. Get Outside for Self-Care

There’s nothing better than getting outside when it’s cool. When you step out the door, try to drink in your surroundings and appreciate what nature is doing right now.  Go for a hike on a local trail. Take a bike ride. Or just go for a walk through the park, enjoy the cooler weather, and take in the beauty of the changing leaves and other excitement of fall. 

CBD Hemp Oil - All Topicals
CBD topicals are ideal for massaging sore muscles.

5. Add CBD to Your Self-Care Routine

CBD is a natural product that you can use to help yourself relax and feel better. The hemp extract is an all-natural way to ease anxiousness, encourage sleep, and soothe sore joints and muscles after a long day. Consider keeping a CBD balm to use after your local hike or bike ride. Additionally, you can add a few drops of hemp oil to the apple pie or bread you bake. 

6. Start an Indoor Herb Garden

It’s easy to grow an indoor herb garden in the fall. Did you know that basil, dill, thyme and parsley are among some of the herbs you can grow indoors? Plus, there are some vegetables you may be able to grow inside over the winter months. It’s a great way to spend more time growing something you love.

7. Invite Friends Over for a Fall Movie Night

Fall is all about coming together as a community. Self-care with friends is an excellent idea for your well-being. And what better way to do that than by having friends over for a fall movie night? You can cuddle up on your new blanket, snack on some of the treats you baked, and enjoy the changing leaves outside with a good movie. It’s a great way to spend an evening or afternoon with your friends.

8. Get into Some Fall Arts & Crafts

Crafts are fun, easy, and ideal self-care options.

Here are a few great fall arts and crafts you can do by yourself, with children, or entertaining friends. Grab some hot apple cider and cinnamon sticks, sit back, sip, and watch the kids have fun. You’ll feel accomplished after making something you love, that the confidence boost and quality time with loved ones can help you relax. 

Gourd painting: Gourd painting is a great fall activity. You’ll love the way you feel after making some colorful art.

Make a Fall Leaf Wreath:  This is a great activity to do with friends or alone. You can hang your leaf wreath on your door, and every time you come home, you’ll be reminded that it’s fall, and the beauty of it will be right outside your front door!

Make a Fall Candle: Making candles is more fun than you think. You can add essential oils to the candle and make it smell like whatever you like. Plus, you’ll love the way your home smells after lighting your homemade fall-scented candle.

9. Unplug From Your Digital Life for a Day

The fall is the perfect time to unplug for a day. It’s easier than you think just to turn off your phone, computer, and TV. Pick one day where it’ll be okay not to check your phone, respond to texts, emails, or turn on the TV for 24 hours. You might feel better after getting some much-needed rest!

10. Mental Self-Care Make a List of Your Accomplishments 

It’s easy to get caught up in the small stuff you’re worrying about and not worry about your accomplishments. You can make a list right now of everything you’ve accomplished, and it’ll put things in perspective and help you realize that there is more good than bad, even when it feels like the opposite. Not only is this self-care, but it builds your self-esteem. 

11. Finish a Book You’ve Been Reading

Fall is the perfect time to curl up in a chair and read a book. Whether it’s your favorite author or someone you want to become a new fan of, reading gives you something to look forward to when winter weather hits.  Although it’s nice to have a cozy new blanket for this activity, it’s not the only way you can enjoy a new book. For example, if you live in a state that doesn’t get much cooler, curl up outside under your favorite tree and enjoy nature with your book.

Spend the day reading a favorite book.

No matter what you do this fall, take time for yourself. Fall is the perfect time to slow down and relax. Since it can get so busy in the fall, you need to set aside some time to take care of yourself, so you don’t overdo it or burn out. Try to save some of these tips for the start of the fall season. For more great tips on self-care and wellness, follow our American Hemp Oil Blog!

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